Friday, April 23, 2010

Event 20: 41 Players Still in Action

$1500 + $150 NL

They finished up level 10 and took ten, and now have returned to resume action.

Level 11: Blinds 800/1,600 with 200 antes.

Alan Sternberg has retaken the chip lead. He's up to ~241k. Jeremy McLaughlin has ~160k.

Event 20: Brady Busted

I spoke, er, typed too soon. Matt Brady is out the door.

45 players remain and all five tables are now 9-handed. Average stack is 72k.

Bobby Deppe's pocket 8s were crushed by the short-stack's pocket 9s, all-in pre-flop. The 9 on the river was just overkill. Bobby shipped the double across the felt.

Event 20: Borrero Bobbles; Rebello Doubles

$1500 + $150 NL

Miguel Borrero doubled up a short-stack who was all-in with AK suited. Miguel held A9 suited and failed to connect with the board. He's lost half his stack since dinner break. I wonder what he ate?

On a J 5 2 flop, Todd Rebello got all-in for 21,100, getting action from the button, who held KJ for top pair. Todd held AJ for the same pair with superior kicker. The last two cards came 2 Q and Todd doubled up.

Todd Rebello

Joanne Monteavarro was the last woman sitting in this event and she has now departed, so it is all testosterone from here on. Joe Simmons has also busted out.

54 players remain.

Another level has lapsed. Play continued into level 10 blinds 600/1,200 with 200 antes.

Event 20: 60 Players Remain

$1500 + $150 NL

Following a ten minute color-up break, play continued into level 9, blinds 500/1,000 with 1000 antes.

They're down to six tables here in the back of the Poker Room. Matt Brady is now at his fourth (or fifth? or sixth?) table so far today. He keeps getting moved to a table about to break. But he's still here, which is more than 102 other players can say.

Matt Brady

Mike Beasley is one of those 102 players who have seen the last of their chips pushed across the felt to someone else. He departed not long after the return from the last break.

Event 20: Textual Relations

$1500 + $150 NL

Delivering a Bad Beat

Random text messages we found while snooping in people's cell phone in boxes.

Eric Siegel:

In Box: "I wish I was there, all four of us"
Response: "U need to get home you sound like a homesick girlfriend."

Eric Siegel's to Gene Castro who's in Vegas, jealous that Siegel's playing at the same table with Mike Leah and Matt Iles.

Mark Amabile:

In: Juan wants 10 500 for patio mini wall pit and clean up
Response: Whatever

Mark's wife relaying her negotiations on the cost of patio upgrades.

Maurice Hawkins:

In: "Do it for Harmony."
Response: "You know I always will."

Maurice to his wife Aprelle, who give birth to their daughter April 17th.

Deb Daly

In: Is 4 dollars for 10 pounds potatoes a good deal
Response: yes

Deb's son David, AKA "Deuce," a 300 lbs. Division III defensive tackle at Morrisville State College.

"Action" Bob Hwang

In: Hey Bob u in AC
Response: What do you think?

Bob's friend looking to get a home game together

Eric Gene

Event 20: Set Man!

$1500 + $150 NL

On a flop of J 9 7, seat 7 bet and Jeremy McLaughlin (Washington, DC) came over the top. Seat 7 called all-in and Jeremy showed pocket 9s for the set. Seat 7 was way behind with AJ (top/top). The last two came 1 A and the all-in player improved to Aces-up, but it was not enough. He hit the rail and Jeremy collected his chips. He's not up to ~130k and the new chip leader. (He happens to be at the same table as Alan Sternberg, the previous chip leader.)

"How many sets have you flopped at Borgata, Jeremy?" asked Gordon Eng. "About 500, I think. Do I get some balloons?" replied Jeremy. His new nickname is officially "Set Man".

Jeremy "Set Man" McLaughlin

Event 20: Back in Action

$1500 + $150 NL

They're back from dinner and have resumed play in level 8 with blinds of 400/800 and 75 antes.

During dinner, I scoped out the stacks and Alan Sternberg (North Bellmore, NY) is the chip leader with ~120k. Miguel Borrero appears to be second with 108k. Keith Crowder is stacking 98k and Tom Dobrilovic is sitting behind ~85k.

Alan Sternberg

Event 20: Stop - Dinner Time!

$1500 + $150 NL

Players are on a one hour dinner break with less than 80 players remaining. The average stack is 42k.

Chip counts will be updated shortly.

Event 20: Nut Flush No Good

$1500 + $150 NL

Borrero Scores Big

Miguel Borrero (Jersey City, NJ) hits a huge hand at the expense of Scott Strubel (Woodbridge, NJ) on the penultimate hand before dinner break.

The board is 9 10 5♣ J♣ and Borrero checks. Strubel bets 9k and Borrero shoves all in for 45k and Strubel snap calls.

Strubel: A
♣ 10 (nut flush)
Borrero: 7 8♣ (straight flush)

River: 6

"That was big baby," Borrero shouts, as he jumps out his seat. "That was big."

After the stacks are counted Strubel's left with 2k and is out on the next hand.

Borrero's looking for another deep run after finishing 5th in the East Coast Championship Event. He's sitting with more than 100k at the break.

Event 20: Proud Papa

$1500 + $150 NL

Father Hawkins

Maurice Hawkins took a break from the Borgata Spring Poker Open and flew home to be with his eight month pregnant wife Aprelle, in Hollywood, FL. Little did he know he'd be returning to Atlantic City as a father, again.

"I was just going for a two day visit and she went into labor early," says Hawkins, who's daughter Harmony was born April 17th, exactly one month early. "Everything worked out," he says of his 4 lbs.-14 oz., 17 1/2" daughter.

Hawkins is back at Borgata playing in the $1,500 and looking for a win to honor the family's latest edition. "I have the greatest wife," he says. "She supports me through everything and anything."

Hawkins is a regular tournament player at Borgata and has numerous cashes including a 13th place finish in the 2009 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship. His pro numbers are 5 titles and nearly $400,000 in career earnings.

While receiving congratulations from other players, the 31 year old is quick to say that he wants to be out of diaper duty by the time he's 35 and glad to balance his poker and family lives.

"Poker is easy, family is hard," he says, but hard in a good way. "You have to be so many things to so many people, yet find a sense of yourself. All you can do is try your best."

While providing the stats on Harmony, Hawkins calls a preflop raise and says, "I'm supposed to call with this hand." The flop is 10 5 2 and Hawkins calls the 3k continuation bet.

The turn is the 4 and both players check. The river brings the 6. The initial raiser, throws out a bet of 4,500 and Hawkins snap calls and shows AK. His opponent mucks and Hawkins takes down the pot to build his stack to 80k.

"Now back to my kids," he says with a big smile, while raking the pot.

Harmony, joins big brother MJ (7), Naliyah (5) and Amadee (4).

Life is good both at the tables and on the home front.

Sweet Harmony

Event 20: Myung and No Longer Restless

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

On the turn the board read A978 and John Myung (middle) was all-in for 12,450 against the player on the button. When they rolled over their hands, John's AK (top/top with nut flush draw) was trailing his opponent's A7 (two pair) but John had a lot of outs. Any diamond, King, 9, or 8 would give him a winner.

The river delivered the 9 which gave both players two pair, Aces and nines, but John's King kicker played. He doubled up and is now sitting behind about 45k in chips. That's pretty good since he was down to only 1,800 in the second level today.

John Myung

Event 20: Good Name, Great Poker

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

Carless Boatwright scoops another pot with KJ, then insta-snap calls his girlfriend to share the good news.

Good luck to this Borgata regular.

Event 20: Payouts!

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

The final player count for this event was 162 generating total buy-ins of $243,000. The final 18 will get paid as follows:

1 $72,599
2 $40,071
3 $22,392
4 $16,500
5 $14,143
6 $11,786
7 $9,428
8 $7,071
9 $5,303
10-12 $4,596
13-15 $4,007
16-18 $3,536

Event 20: Afternoon Grind

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

Just under 100 players remaining,
Dinner Break on the horizon.

Chip- Counts:

Mike Beasley - 47,775
RJ McLaughlin - 55,700
Bobbbt Deppe - 41,100
Jason Young - 36,500
Mike Leah - 23,100
Matt Brady - 22,100

Event: 20 Boyling Over

$1500 + $150 NL

James Boyle (Havre de Grace, MD) is all in with a flush draw against the made straight of Coelho Vitor (Tampa, FL).

The board is 6 7 10♣ 4, when Boyd shoves 15k and Vitor snap calls with 9 8♠. Boyle shows A 8.

The river is the 5 and Coelho slams the table as Boyle hits the flush on the river.

Boyle doubles to 35k, while Coelho drops to 30k.

Level 6 (200/400/50 ante) continues.

Event 20: Stack Sizes

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

Early Chip-Counts:

Maurice Hawkins - 98,000
Johanssy Joseph - 71,250
Vinny Pahuja - 44,700
Jack Schanbacher - 41,450
Dwyte Pilgrim - 39,500

Working for the Weekend

Borgata Poker Room (Tournament Arena)
Eugene Todd burns up his blackberry, talking a mile a minute.
What's up bro?

Borgata Poker Room (High-Stakes Room)
Ben Lin and Nicky Frangos get the $300/$600 H.O.S.E game kicked off in the High-Limit Room, weekend cash-games are in full swing.

Cafeteria (Fatburger)
The line is long, the burger and fries are worth the wait.

Event 20: Side by Side

$1500 + $150 NL

Jamshidi & Crowder

Nine tables are in the tournament area of the Poker Room, while three remain in the main section. At table 12 Sirous Jamshidi (Broomall, PA), the Winter Open Main Event runner-up and Keith Crowder, $700 NL Champion, are sitting side-by-side.

Jamshidi says, "not really," when asked if he's famous for his deep January run, as he laughs while wearing his trademark shades.

Crowder's been on tear in the early levels and picks up a 40k pot by hitting an ace on the river. Crowder has AA vs KK and the preflop action is back and forth:

UTG (KK): Raise
Crowder (AA): RR
UTG: 4 bets to 4,600
Crowder: Flats

Flop: K 2 3
UTG: Bet 7,500
Crowder: Calls

Turn: 10

UTG: Shoves for 9k
Crowder: Call

River: A

"He hit a two outer," says Crowder, "and so did I. I call it suck-resuck."

Crowder's up to 70k, while Jamshidi's around the starting stack of 20k.

Level 5 (150/300/25 ante) continues.

Event 20: Shark Tank

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

Since Borgata hosted the $7,500 East Coast Championship Event earlier this series, the Spring Poker Open hasn't seen a field this tough. With a balanced mix of cash-game regulars and tournament pros, no fish will survive this pool. Good luck to the remaining 131 players, Friday afternoon moves on.

More Notables in Today's Field:

Matt Brady
Bobby "Bobboufl11" Kalteux
Jason "Mkind" Laso
Maurice Hawkins
Keith Crowder
Gordon Eng

Event 20: Chillin'

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

Muic producer and poker pro, Joe Simmons, sits back while the action creeps along. With big stacks and small blinds, play is pretty slow.

"I'm workin' on a music album and tryin' to grind, they're both hard work man."

Joe Simmons (Philly, PA) - Table #11

Event 20: Steve O

$1,500 + $50 (NL)

Steve Dannenman, all smiles on Table #2.
Play continues as the stakes go up.

Blinds @ 100/200 with 138 players remaining.

Event 20: View from Media Row

$1,500 + $150 (NL)
From Friday afternoon in Borgata's Poker Room

-Bobby Deppe makes a hero call

- Ryan Eriquezzo chats with Steve Ryan on the rail

- Chris Bonita strolls in late, another day at the office for Bonezee

- Feming Chan on Mute, Will Failla on full volume

- Toothpicks for "Lil Man" Mike Sica

- Chewing Tobacco for Mike Beasley

- Pittsburgh hat for Josh Brikis, Ed Hardy for MJ Bernstein

Event 20: Early Grind

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

157 Players are Registered,
Late Registration still OPEN.

More Notables in Today's Field:

Steve Dannenman
Ian Palomo
Will "the Thrill" Failla
Dwyte Pilgrim
Josh Brikis
Jason Young

Event 20: Field Check

$1,500 + $150 (NL)

Number of Entrants: 121

Late Registration still OPEN

In Today's Field...

Todd Rebello
Mike Leah
Eric Siegel
Joe Simmons
Mike "Lil' Man" Sica
Ryan Eriquezzo
Jason Paster
Joseph Wertz
Vinny Pahuja
"Action Bob" Hwang
Chris Lindh
Feming Chan
Scott Strubel
John Myung
Mike Beasley
Jack Schanbacher



11AM: Event 20 - $1500 + $150 No Limit Hold'em
  • 20,000 in starting chips
  • 60 minute Levels
  • 2-day event
3PM: Event 49 - $350 + $40 CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • 30 minute Levels
  • Approximately one (1) in every ten (10) players will win $3500 Entry to play in the Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship Event (April 25 – 30)
  • 1-day event
7PM: Event 50 - $300 + $40 No Limit Hold'em
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • 30 minute Levels
  • 1-day event
Registration for all events in the Poker Room

EVENT 19: $350+$50 HOSE

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2010
Event 19: $350 + $50 H.O.S.E.
April 22

Entries: 90 Total Buy-In: $31,500

5. Kevin R. Smigel (Martinsville, NJ): $2,139

EVENT 18: $400+$50 NLH

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2010
Event 18: $400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em
April 22

Entries: 182 Total Buy-In: $72,800

4. NEAL LIPTAK (YORK, PA): $4,943

Event 18: Principal Pwns

$400 + $50 (NL)

CHAMPION (1st Place)

Deno Charalambous (Long Island, NY)
Prize Money: $21,750

Career: High School Principal
Favorite Hand: A♠ A

Event 18: Alexander the Great, Gone

$400 + $50 (NL)

2nd Place

Alexander Beleson (Russia)
Prize Money: $12,005

Career: Advertising Agent
Favorite Hand: A♦ A

Event 18: A Miss for McClure

$400 + $50 (NL)

3rd Place

John McClure (York, PA)
Prize Money: $6,709

Career: Dental Consultant
Favorite Hand: J♠ 10♠

Event 18: The Winner's Circle

$400 + $50 (NL)

3-Handed Play continues...

Blinds @ 6,000/12,000/2,000a

Current Chip-Counts:

John McClure - 909,000
Deno Charalambous - 1,050,000
Alexander Beleson - 188,000

Event 18: Nice run Neil

$400 + $50 (NL)

4th Place

Neil Liptak (York, PA)
Prize Money: $4,943

Career: Mr. Mom
Favorite Hand: 10 6

Event 18: Ed Eliminated

$400 + $50 (NL)

5th Place

Edward Abendschein (Mountain Lakes, NJ)
Prize Money: $4,237

Career: Machinery Manufacturing
Favorite Hand: K J

Event 19: Champion - Matthew Stevens

$350 + $50 HOSE

The ever-increasing blinds and limits made short-work of the final three.

Matthew Stevens (Brecksville, OH) claimed top honors and $10,694. He was profiled when he was playing in event #10, the Omaha/Stud Hi/Lo event.

Matthew Stevens - 1st place

Barry Hartheimer (aka Sushiboynyc) of New York, NY, took 2nd place and $5,805.

Barry Hartheimer - 2nd place

George Krafft, Jr finished 3rd for $3,667.

George Krafft, Jr - 3rd place

Event 18: Rich Hits Rail

$400 + $50 (NL)

6th Place

Rich Murnick (Montclair, NJ)
Prize Money: $3,531

Career: Financial Planner
Favorite Hand: 108

Event 18: KJ Gone

$400 + $50 (NL)

7th Place

Kevin Johnson - Bridgewater (Raritan), NJ
Prize Money - $2,825

Career: Retired 54yr-old
Favorite Hand: 67

Event 19: 4th - Zaliwciw

$350 + $50 HOSE

Limits are up to 15k/30k. Playing Stud Hi/Lo:

Wasyl Zaliwciw was showing J 6 3 A and got his last chips in on the river against Matthew Stevens. Matthew showed 8 6 3 9 and rolled over 872 for a pair of 8s and an 87-low. Wasyl had K55 in the hole for a pair of 5s and a missed 65-low draw. Matthew scooped the pot and Wasyl was busted. He finished 4th for $2,750.

Wasyl Zaliwciw - 4th place - $2,750

Event 18: Out in 8th

$400 + $50 (NL)

8th Place

Ahmed Mourad (Perrysburg, OH)
Prize Money: $2,119

Career: Chrysler Car Plant (Retired)
Favorite Hand:6 4

Event 19: Chip Counts

$350 + $50 HOSE

End of level and players are taking a break. Here are the chip counts:

Wasyl Zaliwciw - 332k
Sushiboynyc - 267k
Matthew Stevens - 217k
George Krafft, Jr. - 87k

Matthew Stevens was profiled when he was playing in event #10, the Omaha/Stud Hi/Lo event.

Event 18: Russ on Rail

$400 + $50 (NL)

9th Place

Russ Radom (Philly, PA)
Prize Money: $1,589

Career: Professional Poker Player
Favorite Hand: AA

Event 18: Sloat Stumbles

$400 + $50 (NL)

10th Place

James Sloat (Fort Meade, MD)
Prize Money: $1,377

Career: Air Force (Retired)
Favorite Hand: A A

Event 18: Final Table

$400 + $50 (NL)

The Final Table (Chip-Counts):

Seat 1 - Ahmed Mourad - 121,000
Seat 2 - John McClure - 498,000
Seat 3 - Alexander Beleson - 106,000
Seat 4 - Russ Radom - 101,000
Seat 5 - Kevin Johnson - 399,000
Seat 6 - Neil Liptak - 251,000
Seat 7 - Deno Charalambous - 111,000
Seat 8 - Edward Abendschein - 98,000
Seat 9 - James Sloat - 37,000
Seat 10 - Rich Murnick - 116,000