Friday, April 16, 2010

Event 10: Chippy McStacks

Omaha/Stud 8B
$350 + $50

Rivkin's Riveting Play

Good thing he looked twice or Jason Rivkin (Red Bank, NJ) may have missed the winning hand.

Just after the dinner break, Rivkin switched tables with just 15k. He says he misread his hand during the stud round, but eventually realized he had potential for the winner and takes down a 20k pot.

"I thought I had 2-3-6 to start," says Rivkin who's lapping the field with more than 100k. "But I actually had 6-2-6." When a third six shows up on sixth street, Rivkin's in good shape. "I looked again, sometime between 5th and 6th street and knew I had trips."

Rivkin takes down the pot and it's been a steady climb ever since.

The next closest stack appears to be Adel Shakerian (Falls Church, VA) who's at 65k. The Event 6 Omaha H/L Champion is looking for another deep run.

20 players remain with an average stack of 31k, as the top 9 cash.

Event 9: Three Tables

$630 + $70 (NL)

Another table has broken and 28 players are left with an average stack of 84k.

Remaining Notables:

Mike Beasley (2010 Borgata Winter Open 1K Champion)
Chris Valence (2010 Event 2 Borgata Spring Open Champion)
Joseph Wertz (2010 Borgata Winter Open 3 cashes, including Deep Stack - 2nd place)
MJ Bertsein (2009 Borgata Winter Open 1K Champion)

Players are back from break as Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300 ante) is underway.

Event 9: Rosenbaum Rising

$630 + $70 (NL)

Rosen-bombing Away

Thirty minutes ago Matt Rosenbaum (Short Hills, NJ) was down to 20k in chips, now he's the unoffficial chip leaders. "I've been on a sick run," he says.

Rosenbaum's survives his first all in when his J 10 hits middle pair on the flop and calls a shove by pocket 6s. After going from 20k to 40k, he's at risk again when his A 10 is all in against Q Q. This time it's a 4 flush with the A.

The next orbit Rosenbaum says he has A-K multiple times, KK and while I'm watching the table reraises to take another pot preflop, tabling 88.

Rosenbaum's at 140k and is the unofficial chip leader.

Stuart Gelwarg (New York, NY) has 135k, while Kal Alwan (Wayne, NJ) is sitting with 125k.

34 players remain with an average stack of 69k.

Level 12 (1k/2k/200 ante) is underway.

Event 10: Forty & Fabulous

Omaha/Stud 8B
$350 + $50

Forty players remain and the chip leader is Avner "Papa" Levy (Westfield, NJ) who has 33k, nearly twice the chip average of 16k.

This is a two day tournament, so it's tough to tell how far down they'll play Friday night.

Event 9: New Chip Leader

$630 + $70 NL

It looks like Chris Valance has lost some ground. Kenny Schuyler was pulling a pot when I passed by his table, so it was tough to get a count.

Stuart Gelwarg

Stuart Gelwarg (New York City) has been slowly accumulating chips all day and it appears he has leap-frogged our former chips leaders. Stuart currently sits behind about 135k in chips.

With a flop of A 4 2 with two hearts, Mike Beasley (sb) bet 2,100. The big blind folded, then seat 4 called. Turn was an offsuit Jack. Both players checked. River was an offsuit Queen. Mike bet 4,200 and when his opponent called, Mike insta-mucked. His opponent showed A9 offsuit for a pair of Aces to take the pot.

About 45 players remain. Average stack is about 52,500.

Event 10: Live, Local, Late Breaking

Omaha/Stud 8B
$350 + $50


When he worked one hour from Atlantic City, Matt Stevens didn't frequent Jersey casinos very often as he focused on his television career. Now, after 29 years of tv, he's at Borgata looking at a possible career change.

"I stopped playing for awhile, but now I'm giving it shot," says the former WCAU-TV, Philadelphia general assignment reporter. Stevens is currently in between jobs and is getting full support from his family in Brecksville, OH (suburban Cleveland).

"As long as I'm bringing home some dollars, I'm alright," adding, "I've been paying the bills and then some." Stevens' wife Margaret and three children, 17-years old Tess, Perris (14) & Griffin (10) are adjusting to his travel schedule, which he keeps to three or four day trips to places like AC, Tunica and Mohegan.

"I'm proving I can do this," Stevens says after seriously considering a pro career at the start of 2010. "So far so good," he says after 5 top 10 finishes so far this year, including a win.

Stevens first found success in the California poker rooms in the late 1980s and early 90s, when he was a reporter for KNBC & KCAL, but when he came to Philadelphia it was all about work. And now, "it would have to be job I really want," he says about returning to tv.

In this tournament Stevens chip stack is back to even after his flopped straight in Omaha is rundown by the 6
7 x x for a rivered flush. "This is the level that will make or break you," he says, "the limits are starting to get high."

Stevens' specialty is the mixed games, but plays no-limit as well and his hoping to expand his poker schedule.

Players are currently on dinner break and will return to Level 9 (blinds 300/600 & limits 600/1,200).

Event 10: Payouts

Omaha/Stud 8B
$350 + $50

They've just gone on dinner break for 40 minutes. Play will resume at about 8:50pm.

6 tables remain (8-handed) so 48 players or fewer remain in action.


78 players entered generating total buy-ins of $27,300. The final 9 will get paid as follows:

1. $9,268
2. $5,031
3. $3,178
4. $2,383
5. $1,854
6. $1,589
7. $1,324
8. $ 1,059
9. $ 795

Event 9: Dinner Time

$630 + $70 NL

Kenny Schuyler

I've finally been able to identify a clear chip leader. Kenny Schuyler is up to ~110k and the only player I see with over 100k. Kenny finished 65th in Event 1 last week, cashing for $1,295 ($500 buy-in).

Chris Valence

Chris Valence appears to be second with about 90k. Chris won event #2 and cashed in event 5, so he's on a roll. [Chris made a liar out of me...he won a pot right before dinner that brought his stack up to ~110k also.]

They've just broken table 6, so 50 or fewer players remain at 5 tables.

The clock has been stopped and players have been sent on a one hour dinner break. Play will resume at about 8pm.

Event 10: The Originial Unabomber

Omaha/Stud 8B
$350 + $50


In the back of the tournament area of the Poker Room an ominous figure has his hood up and his shades on. Partly because he wants to avoid spreading germs during a coughing fit, but mostly because he's been sporting this look since the 90s.

"I was the Unabomber before Phil Laak was playing poker," says Brahmi who won a World Series bracelet in 1999." Laak, of course is the more recognizable pro, benefiting from lots of tv exposure.

But Brahmi's no slouch after taking down the WSOP final table that included John Juanda & Layne Flack. He's based in Ventnor, NJ, and doesn't mind his relative anonymity, as he consistently plays Borgata tournaments.

In this event he cracks pocket aces during the stud rotation with a pair of kings (K J) K to start. Brahmi hits a king on 5th street for trips and Tim D'Alessandro (West Chester, PA) is frustrated when his aces-up are no good.

"Don't go anywhere," says D'Allesandro, "You might as well stay and see me bust," after losing 3k to Brahmi. On the next hand D'Allesandro loses his final 1k when aces-up loses again, this time to trip 5s.

"Yeah, put me on the blog so all my friends can see how bad I'm running," he says.

As for Brahmi he's above the chip average with 13k and giving a shout out to his wife Debbie.

Only 8 of the starting field of 78 are out, but Level 6 is winding down and chips will start moving during the next couple of levels.

Event 9: Payouts

197 Players generated total buy-ins of $124,110. The final 18 players will get paid as follows:

Place Payout
1 $37,079
2 $20,466
3 $11,437
4 $8,427
5 $7,223
6 $6,019
7 $4,815
8 $3,612
9 $2,709
10-12 $2,347
13-15 $2,047
16-18 $1,806

Event 9: Dropping Like Flies

$630 + $70 NL

They are down to 7 tables, meaning fewer than 70 players remain.

"Sam" over in seat 9 on table 7 just dispatched another one. The short-stack in seat 8 shoved and Sam made the call. It was the ususal racce-situation as Sam's AQ squared off against pocket 9s. The board came J 5 3 J A and Sam's pair of Aces took the pot. He's up to about 62k.

Adam Lippert has been moved to the seat on Sam's left. He's up to about 59k.

Aces do hold up, for some folks. In a bizarre hand on table 1, seat 8 had pocket Aces, seat 10 had pocket Kings, and MJ Bernstein in seat 6 had pocket Queens. An Ace on the flop sealed the deal and triple-up for seat 8. Seat 10 got the side pot and MJ was left with about 24k. He busted a short-stack a few hands later and is back up to ~40k.

Event 8: Champion - Wroblewski

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

It was only a matter of time. On the final hand, Anna held A5xx and made a wheel to beat Will's pocket 9s.

Anna Wroblewski - 1st place

Anna Wroblewski took 1st place and $7,130.

Will McMahon - 2nd place

Will 'the Fireman' McMahon was playing with a heavy heart today due to a sick loved one, and had to settle for 2nd and $3,870.

Event 8: Heads Up

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Anna Wroblewski has been raising in the dark when she is the small blind (button) and letting Will McMahon decide if he wants to play.

They finished out the level and Will had only 59k remaining. Anna has all the rest.

Play will resume with level 16, blinds 3k/6k.

Event 8: 3rd place - Janal

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Play resumed with level 15, blinds 2k/4k.

Keith Janal - 3rd place

Keith Janal held on as long as he could, but his time has run out.

Anna Wroblewski was on the button and raised to 8k in the dark. Will McMahon looked at his cards and folded his small blind. Keith Janal looked at his cards and made the call from the big blind. The flop came T 9 4 rainbow and Keith tossed in the rest of his chips. Anna called.

Keith: KQQQ
Anna: AKK9

Anna was already ahead with a pair of Kings, but the last two came T A and she improved to a pair of Aces.

Keith Janal finished 3rd for $2,444.

Event 9: Top Prize

$630 + $70 (NL)

With 197 players in the field, first place will be more than $37,000, paying 18 spots (16th-18th earn approx $1,800). The players were three short from adding another pay level (19-27).

Mike Beasley (Hollywood, FL)
is off to a good start and is the unofficial chip leader with 80k. Mike Summers (Charlottesville, VA), who finished 12th in the September, 2009 Borgata Poker Open says, "tell everyone Beasley keeps getting aces and his opponents have ace-king."

Also at Beasley's table is Eric "Clown, Clown Fish," who has 50k.

Table 8 has a lot of action, as Summers is joined by James Boyle (Maryland, via Scotland) and Ted Geier (Sunnyside, NY) who's perfectly timed "stall," buys him an extra minute before break. "I have two emergency phone calls to make," he says. "There's no way we play another hand," as there's less than a minute on the clock.

80 players remain with an average stack of 30k.

Players are back from break and Level 7 (300/600/75 ante) is underway.

Event 8: 4th place - Ballerini

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Al Ballerini - 4th place

Anna Wroblewski decided to sit this one out.

On a flop of J 6 4 rainbow, Al Ballerini got his last 17,500 in the pot. Will McMahon tanked for a while, then made the call.

Al: QJT5 (pair of Jacks)
Will: AKJT (pair of Jacks, better kicker)

The last two came running 4's putting trips on the board. Will's AK played as kicker's to the board and he took the pot.

Al Ballerini finished in 4th place, earning $1,833.

End of level and players are taking another break.

Chip counts:
Keith Janal - 22k
Will - 108k
Anna - all the rest

Event 10: On Their Way

Omaha/Stud 8B
$350 + $50

If you play Omaha and you're not at the final table of the PLO, you're probably in the Poker Room for Event 10. Approximately 75 players are in the field and it includes Barry Levy (Brooklyn, NY) who's having a heck of a 2010.

After finishing 11th in the HOSE during the Borgata Winter Open, he took down the PLO Hi/Lo at the LA Poker Classic. "I'm looking for another win," says Levy, who's ready for a long two days.

Players start with 8k in chips and the limits for Level 2 are 50/100.

Event 8: 6th - Gassen; 5th - Keller

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Play continued into Level 14, blinds 1,500/3,000.

Anna Wroblewski continues to steam-roll the table. Her table banter has picked up also. "You know what I heard about you?" she said to Brent Keller. "I heard you were a good player". Brent replied in a self-deprecating fashion.

Anna continued, "I like the attitude. It's good for second place."

Well, not quite.

Barry Gassen called 3k, leaving himself just 4,500 behind. Anna raised to 11k straight. Brent (bb) tanked.

"You know the last time you did this, you folded on the flop." Brent decided to call anyway. Barry put the last of his chips in and the flop came K65. Brent immediately put the last of his chips in. Anna asked for the count, which was 21k. Now it was her turn in the tank.

"I could get runner-runner" Anna said as she studied her cards and the board. "I could be ahead". She finally opted to call.

Brent: TT86 (pair of Tens, spade draw)
Barry: AQJ9 (nothing but a prayer)
Anna: AJJ2 (pair of Jacks)

She was ahead, and as she said, she could get runner-runner. The last two came 35 and Anna went runner-runner heart flush to scoop the pot, sending two players to the rail.

Barry Gassen finished 6th for $1,222.
Brent Keller finished 5th for $1,426.

Brent Keller - 5th place
Barry Gassen - 6th place

The final four opted to take a short break, so I got some quick chip counts:

Will McMahon 82k
Al Ballerini 37k
Keith Janal 24k

and Anna has all the rest: 337k.

Event 8: 7th Place - Sheldon

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Mike Sheldon - 7th place

Mike Sheldon opened for 6k and Anna Wroblewski called. The flop came J 7 3. Anna bet the pot and Mike moved in. Anna insta-called.

Mike: AA52
Anna: JTT7

Anna had flopped two pair to crack Mike's pocket Aces. The last two came 8 K and Anna took another pot. She's over 200k now.

Mike Sheldon finished in 7th place, earning $1,019.

As he was leaving, Mike threw his bottle of vitamin water at the wall, which happened to be where I was standing. Your intrepid reporter is now wearing some of that vitamin water.

Barry Gassen doubled through Will McMahon.

Event 8: 8th Place - Palmer

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Anna Wroblewski apparently doubled through Mike Sheldon as their stack sizes have changed considerably since the break. Anna has kicked it into high gear, playing almost every hand.

Ryan Palmer - 8th place

Mike potted, Ryan Palmer re-potted from the button, Anna called from the small blind and Mike opted out. Ryan only had 5k behind so Anna bet 5k dark and Ryan committed the last of his chips before seeing the flop.

Ryan: KJT9 (ss - diamonds)
Anna: AA32 (double-suited, hearts & spades)

The board came J 8 4 3 A and Anna's Aces held, improving to a set on the river.

Ryan Palmer finished in 8th place, earning $815.

Event 8: 9th Place - Reslock

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Chris Reslock - 9th place

On a flop of AJ8, Chris Reslock got his last chips in against Anna Wroblewski.

Anna: QJT9 (club draw, straight wrap, pair of Jacks)
Chris: KTT4 (higher club draw, gutshot, pair of Tens)

The 9 landed on the turn giving Chris the lead with the King-high flush. Anna improved to two pair (Jacks and 9s). Then the J hit the river, giving Anna Jacks-full and the pot.

Chris Reslock finished in 9th place, earning $611. He headed for the door, probably to go enter Event 10, the Omaha/Stud Hi/Lo event that started at 2pm.

"I made $2,200 playing PaiGow before. I told them I was lucky" Anna said as she was collecting her chips.

Event 9: Level Up

$630 + $70 NL

Play has resumed with level 5, blinds 150/300 and 25 antes.

Mike Beasley has recovered nicely from his early misfortune. He's up to 51k.

Adam Lippert is up to 39k.

Event 8: Chip Counts

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Level 12 concluded and players took ten while the staff colored up the black 100 chips. I took the opportunity to get some chip counts:

Player Chips
Mike Sheldon 125,000
Will McMahon 111,000
Anna Wroblewski 55,000
Barry Gassen 52,000
Brent Keller 46,000
Ryan Palmer 40,000
Keith Janal 27,000
Al Ballerini 27,000
Chris Reslock 25,000

Play resumed with Level 13: Blinds 1k/2k.


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Event 8: Short-stack Doubles

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Keith "KJ" Janal opened for 3,200 and Ryan Palmer re-potted. KJ called to see the flop of T62. Ryan tossed the last of his chips in and KJ called showing AKQ8 for a flush draw. Ryan held KQJJ for a pair of Jacks and the lead. The last two cards came 64 and Ryan's pair held up. He survived and doubled up.

Event 9: 197 Players

$630 + $70 NL

197 players bought into this event generating total buy-ins of $124,110.

15 tables are still in action, so fewer than 150 players remain.

Payouts will be posted when available.

Event 8: Day 2

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

About 23 minutes remain in Level 12, blinds 800/1,600.

Cards are in the air for day 2 of this event. Here are the nine returning players with their chip counts:

Seat Player Chips
1 Will McMahon 77,600
2 Brent Keller 50,300
3 Chris Reslock 30,400
4 Keith Janal 34,000
5 Barry Gassen 76,200
6 Mike Sheldon 115,600
7 Ryan Palmer 22,200
8 Anna Wroblewski 54,200
9 Al Ballerini 31,700

Event 9: Level Up

$630 + $70 NL

Level 4: Blinds 100/200.

Table 17 has broken so 16 active tables remain with 160 or fewer players.

Event 9: Bernstein Bamboozled

$630 + $70 NL

On the turn with a board of AT6T, seat 10 bet 1,200 and MJ Bernstein raised to 4k straight. His opponent went all-in (13,950) and MJ called, showing 95 for the flush. Seat 10 held pocket 4s and was one card away from the exit...until the 4 hit the river, giving him a two-outer full house. Seat 10 doubled up, but MJ is still alive.

Others are not as lucky. WSOP bracelet holder Mike "Little Man" Sica has already exited this event. Over on table 7, three players were all in on the flop. Pocket Aces and a straight fell to flush and two more players reported to the rail. "Sam" in seat 9 is up to about 48k with that pot.

Table 18 has broken so we're down to 17 active tables.

Event 9: Level 3 Underway

$630 + $70 NL

Level 3: Blinds 75/150. Butts back in their seats, cards back in the air.

Table 19 has broken and those players have filled in empty seats throughout the room. 18 tables in action now.

Event 9: Dannenmann Dusted

$630 + $70 NL

After a couple of limpers, Steve Dannenmann put his last 1,025 all-in. Action folded to the button, who raised to 2,200. That got rid of the blinds and the limpers. Steve held pocket 5s and was crushed by his opponent's pocket Tens. Then the board came T 6 3 9 9 giving his opponent Ten-full for the over-kill. Steve grabbed his backpack and headed for the door.

Aces aren't doing so well today. On a flop of T 7 6, pocket Aces were all in and trailing both pocket6s (set) and 98 (flopped straight). The last two came T7 and the 6s filled up. Aces hit the rail.

Level two is done and players are taking ten. Smoke'em if you got'em (but only the the designated smoking areas).

Event 9: More in, More Out

$630 + $70 NL

Steve Dannenmann

Another famous runner-up has entered this event. Steve Dannenmann, who earned $4.25 million for finishing 2nd in the 2005 WSOP, is playing today. He's somehow already lost about three-fourths of his starting stack, so I'm not sure how long he will be with us.

Additional players that I've spotted: Adam Lippert and Vinny Pahuja.

Two players busted out on the same hand back on table 4. I've heard a couple of other cries of "Seat Open" around the room, so about half a dozen have already donated their buy-ins.

Registration is still open through the end of level 2, so new players are still arriving to take their seats.

Event 9: Blinds Up

$630 + $70 NL

Level 2: Blinds 50/100. Play continues.

Players continue to arrive and they've opened table 19 here in the Signature Room. Tables are 10-handed so the player count should be approaching 190.

Event 9: Dropping Names, Dropping Players

$630 + $70 NL

Mike Beasley

Mike Beasley has entered the fray, fresh from his 2nd place finish in the NAPT Mohegan Sun Main Event where he cashed for $428,000 just four days ago.

Mike dropped a few chips moments ago when his flopped set of 8s got rivered by a straight. He's still got about 8k out of his starting stack of 12k.

Also in the mix today are Gordon Eng, Natale Kuey, Bob Hwang, Eric Doerr, 'Syracuse' Chris Tsiprailidis, Michael Sukonik, Davidson Matthew, MJ Bernstein, and Dean Schultz.

Steven Cho

One player has already hit the bricks today. On the turn with a board of 8 3 3 8 seat 3 got all-in holding pocket 4s, only to see Steven Cho (Derwood, MD) held pocket Aces. The Aces held and seat 3 was ousted. Steven is the early chip leader -- he's already up to about 26k.

Event 9: Cards in the Air

$630 + $70 NL

Cards are in the air here in the Signature Room, although players are still trickling in and finding their seats. Registration will remain open for a couple of levels.

Speaking of which, those levels last 50 minutes each. Players started with 12,000 chips and Level 1 blinds are 25/50.


Today in the Poker Room

11AM: Event 9 - $630 + $70 No Limit Hold'em
  • 12,000 in starting chips
  • 50 minute Levels
  • 2-day event

2PM: Event 10 - $350 + $50 Omaha/Stud 8B

  • 8,000 in starting chips
  • 40 minute Levels
  • 2-day event

4PM: Event 36 - $350 + $50 Championship Event Qualifier

  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • 30 minute Levels
  • Approximately one (1) in every ten (10) players will win $3500 Entry to play in the Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship Event (April 25 – 30)
  • 1-day event

7PM: Event 37 - $200 + $30 No Limit Hold'em

  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • 20 minute Levels
  • 1-day event
Registration for all events in Poker Room

EVENT 7: $400 + $50 NLH

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2010
Event 7: $400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em
April 15

Entries: 163 Total Buy-In: $65,200

11. AMY LUTZ (VILLANOVA, PA): $1,233
15. MARC DAVIS (ORLANDO, FL): $1,075

EVENT 6: $350+$50 OMAHA H/L

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2010
Event 6: $350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B
April 14 - 15

Entries: 129 Total Buy-In: $45,150

7. JIAQI XU (COLUMBIA, MD): $1,752


Borgata Spring Poker Open 2010
$7,200 + $300 No Limit Hold'em
April 13 - 15

Entries: 62
$500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool


Event 7: Champion - Sobczak

$400 + 50 (NL)

Champion - Marcin Sobczak (Las Vegas, NV)

After back to back knockouts, Marcin Sobckzak continues his blitzkrieg on the final table and takes down the Event 7 Championship.

"I played really well all day," says Sobczak, who earns $19,479. "Borgata runs great tournaments and I love it here. They're the best in the the world."

Sobczak ends up winning the title with his favorite hand 10 8 .

Rounding out the top 4:

2nd Place - Jay Hoffman (Arlington, VA)

3rd Place - John Iraj (Garden City, NY)

4th Place - Jay Mensh (Ocean City, MD)

Event 7: 5th Place - Arvesen

$400 + 50 (NL)

Jim Arvesen - $3,795

Jim Arvesen (Lebanon, NJ) is poised to double up through Marcin Sobczak's big stack, but an unfortunate river sends him to the rail in 5th place.

Arvesen leads nearly the entire way with his A 7 vs Sobczak K2 ♣.

Flop:K A 5 (each flops one pair)
Turn: 4
River: K

The river gives Sobczak trip kings and a commanding chip lead at Arvesen's expense.

Event 7: 6th Place - Griffeth

$400 + 50 (NL)

Roonie Griffeth - $3,162

Roonie Griffeth (Columbus, GA) is eliminated in 6th place when his K 10 is no good against the A Q of Marcin Sobczak. Griffeth's final shove is for 73k and the action is flying as there are knockouts on consecutive hands.

Event 7: 7th Place - Eriquezzo

$400 + 50 (NL)

Ryan Eriquezzo - $2,530

Ryan Eriquezzo's final hand is a royal pain in the butt. John Iraj raises from the small blind and Eriquezzo (New Haven, CT) jams all in for 180k. Iraj calls and it's not clear who's at risk as the chip stacks are close.

Iraj: A K
Eriquezzo: J 9

Flop: 8♣ 10 4 (nut flush draw for Iraj, straight draw for Eriquezzo)
Turn: J
(not flush for Iraj, Eriquezzo drawing dead)
River: Q

Iraj goes runner-runner for the royal flush. "I've never had a royal," says Iraj, "I have to get a picture of this." After the final count has Eriquezzo 16k short, Iraj offers an apology and a handshake.

Event 7: Neverending Story

$400 + 50 (NL)

It's been nearly two hours since the last elimination as the final seven players keep grinding away. The short stacks keep doubling up and nobody can finish off an all-in opponent.

Seat-Name-Chip Count

2. Jim Arvesen (Lebanon, NJ) 390k
3. Jay Mensh (Ocean City, MD) 280k
4. Roonie Griffeth (Columbus, GA) 70k
5. Marcin Sobczak (Las Vegas, NV) 295k
6. Jay Hoffman (Arlington, VA) 60k
7. John Iraj (Garden City, NY) 170k
10. Ryan Eriquezzo (New Haven, CT) 190k

Level 19 underway (6k/12k/2k ante).

Event 7: 8th Place - Kalteux

$400 + 50 (NL)

Bob Kalteux -$1,898

Jay Hoffman opens for 23k
John Iraj makes it 45k
Bob Kalteux shoves for 60k total
Hoffman calls and is all in
Iraj calls

Iraj: A A
Hoffman: J Q
Kalteux: J J

Flop: 7h 9 6 (Iraj leads with A A)
Turn: 7 (Iraj still ahead, but Hoffman picks up a flush draw)
River: K

Hoffman hits the flush, Iraj wins the side pot and Kalteux's knocked out in 8th place.

"I got very lucky up until the money. When we hit the money, I was very unlucky." Kalteux collects $1,898 and will now be free rolling in Friday's $700 NL tournament.