Friday, April 16, 2010

Event 9: Bernstein Bamboozled

$630 + $70 NL

On the turn with a board of AT6T, seat 10 bet 1,200 and MJ Bernstein raised to 4k straight. His opponent went all-in (13,950) and MJ called, showing 95 for the flush. Seat 10 held pocket 4s and was one card away from the exit...until the 4 hit the river, giving him a two-outer full house. Seat 10 doubled up, but MJ is still alive.

Others are not as lucky. WSOP bracelet holder Mike "Little Man" Sica has already exited this event. Over on table 7, three players were all in on the flop. Pocket Aces and a straight fell to flush and two more players reported to the rail. "Sam" in seat 9 is up to about 48k with that pot.

Table 18 has broken so we're down to 17 active tables.

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