Friday, April 16, 2010

Event 7: 8th Place - Kalteux

$400 + 50 (NL)

Bob Kalteux -$1,898

Jay Hoffman opens for 23k
John Iraj makes it 45k
Bob Kalteux shoves for 60k total
Hoffman calls and is all in
Iraj calls

Iraj: A A
Hoffman: J Q
Kalteux: J J

Flop: 7h 9 6 (Iraj leads with A A)
Turn: 7 (Iraj still ahead, but Hoffman picks up a flush draw)
River: K

Hoffman hits the flush, Iraj wins the side pot and Kalteux's knocked out in 8th place.

"I got very lucky up until the money. When we hit the money, I was very unlucky." Kalteux collects $1,898 and will now be free rolling in Friday's $700 NL tournament.

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