Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Event 6: Another Level in the Books

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Edward Mehnert

Another level came to a close and there are exactly 30 players remaining (three tables of ten). Edward Mehnert has claimed the chip lead with ~76k. Edward is the first player I have met here who actually lives in Atlantic City. He's also a poker dealer who works over at Harrah's (among other places).

WSOP bracelet holder Chris Reslock is still alive, but very short-stacked.

Only the final 18 players will get paid, so it's crunch-time.

Event 5: 21 Players Remain

$200 + $30 (NL)

They're down to three tables in the back of the Borgata's Poker Room. That's a long way from the 682 that started 12 hours ago, but it is still a long way from the final table.

There are a handful of guys over 500k in chips so it is too close to call a chip leader at this point.

Vinh Nguyen is still in. He finished 5th in Event 3, busting out at 3am this morning, so he's got some amazing stamina, joining this event at 11am and still going strong 12 hours later.

Paul Spitzberg is also still alive and doing well with over 460k.

They finished a level and departed for break time while I was there. Business will resume in ten.

Event 4: Final Table Chip Counts

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)


1. Dave Peters 419,500
2. Sorel Jay Mizzi 383,100
3. Chris Klodnicki 277,300
4. Philip Collins 180,900
5. Scott Blackman 166,500
6. Taha Maruf 137,300
7. Gavin Smith 123,300
8. Miguel Borrero 112,000
9. Lee Markholt 101,200

Event 6: Chip Leader Emerges

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Jaime Kaigh

They're down to 5 tables, which means fewer than 50 players remain alive in this event.

Jaime Kaigh (Voorhees, NJ) appears to be the chip leader with about 65k. Edward Mehnert (Atlantic City, NJ) might be second with ~46k.

Chris Reslock and Gregory Bock are still in the hunt, but it appears that Joe Simmons has departed.

Event 4: Israel Bubbles

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Roland Israel

Taha Maruf raised and Roland Israel shoved his short stack across the line. Taha called the extra chips, tabling AK off. Roland held pocket 4s and it was a typical race situtation. The flop was good for R0land, coming T 8 6. He cleared the turn, which was a 7. The river, however, was a killer as the ubiquitous Ace on the river gave Taha the bigger pair and the pot.

Roland Israel leaves with the title of bubble-boy for this event, finishing tenth.

The final 9 are counting and bagging their chips for the night. Counts will be posted shortly.

Final table action gets underway at noon eastern time Thursday.

Event 4: Terry is Toast

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Todd Terry

Todd Terry made his last stand, shoving ~30k all in with QJ suited. Big stack Dave Peters looked him up with AT. The board ran out dry and Dave took the pot with Ace-high. Todd took the walk in 11th place, two out of the money.

That means it's bubble-time! They are continuing play at two tables with 5 players each until one more bust-out, then will merge to one table of nine (and call it a night).

They are NOT playing hand-for-hand as the floor does not think it is necessary. If it appears that anyone is stalling, that might change.

Event 4: Glantz is a Goner

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Matt Glantz

Despite his valiant effort, Matt Glantz was not able to pull it off. He raised under the gun and Taha Maruf three-bet from the small blind, enough to cover Matt. Matt committed the last of his chips, showing pocket Tens. Taha had him notched with pocket Jacks. The board bricked out and Matt hit the rail, three out of the money.

11 players remain.

Event 4: Play Resumes

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Play has resumed with level 13, blinds 1,200/2,400 with 300 antes.

Event 4: 6-Bet-Fold? & Chip Counts

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

End of level and players are taking 10.

During the previous level, Scott Blackman 6-bet, then folded. We think this is a record. Anybody out there know?

Here are some rough chip counts for the final 12:
Dave Peters 400k
Sorel Mizzi 335k
Chris Klodnicki 280k
Philip Collins 146k
Scott Blackman 130k
Miguel Borrero 125k
Gavin Smith 120k
Lee Markholt 80k
Roland Israel 68k
Taha Maruf 56k
Todd Terry 41k
Matt Glantz 35k

Event 4: JohnnyBax Busto

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Cliff Josephy

Miguel Borrero caught a double-up while I wasn't watching because when Cliff 'JohnnyBax' Josephy moved in on him, Miguel had him covered. Cliff opened for 5k two off the button and Miguel re-raised to 19,300. Action folded back to Cliff, who moved all in. Miguel tanked for a bit, then put his last chips in.

Cliff tabled pocket Aces, crushing Miguel's AK, but the flop was a scary one: 743, giving Miguel the flush draw. It was over quicky as the J fell on the turn, completing the flush and leaving Cliff drawing dead. He headed for the door as Miguel celebrated quite loudly.

Down to 12 players now. Three more will leave with nothing.

Event 6: Play Resumes

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Players have returned from dinner for Level 9 with blinds of 300/600 and limits of 600/1,200.

Event 4: Play Resumes

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

The final 13 players have returned from dinner and play resumed with level 12, blinds 1k/2k with 200 antes.

Event 4: Generous Glantz

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Raising the Stakes

Matt Glantz (Lafayette Hill, PA), if he wins the East Coast Championship, is pledging nearly $19,000 to the tournament staff and dealers.

"The casino came through with the guarantee and I want to make sure the people who work so hard to make these events run smoothly are taken care of."

Glantz was the 62nd and last person to enter the field as he hustled from another destination. He arrived late Tuesday night, joining play during Level 5.

"I've never been above 60-thousand," Glantz says after starting with a blinded off stack of 25k, which was 5k short of the starting amount.

He's currently next to last with 37k and is more than 100k below the chip average. "I've got some work to do, so we'll see."

Event 6: Payouts

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

The final player count for this event was 129, generating total buy-ins of $45,150. The final 18 players will get paid as follows:

Place Payout
1 $13,489
2 $7,445
3 $4,160
4 $3,065
5 $2,628
6 $2,190
7 $1,752
8 $1,314
9 $985
10-12 $854
13-15 $745
16-18 $657

Event 5: Payouts

$200 + $30 (NL)

Player count for this event is 682 generating total buy-ins of $136,400. The final 63 players will get paid as follows:
Place Payout
1 $36,702
2 $19,846
3 $10,253
4 $8,931
5 $7,608
6 $6,285
7 $4,962
8 $3,638
9 $2,646
10-12 $1,720
13-15 $1,257
16-18 $794
19-27 $596
28-36 $503
37-45 $423
46-54 $370
55-63 $344

Event 5: Running Good

$50,000 Guarantee (NL)
$200 + $30

Valence Looking for Another Victory

When you're hot, you're hot and Chris Valence (Hampstead, NH) is smoking. Fresh off his Event 2 win, Valence is the chip leader with 330k in Event 5.

Iis he playing well or getting hit by the deck? "I don't know, ask him," Valence says pointing across the table.

Seat 5 replies, "don't get me wrong, he's playing well, but he's getting hit by the deck."

Also in the mix is Ryan Ortiz (Pinehill, NJ) who has 210k. He's at table three along with another big stack, John Manwearing (Queens, NY) and his 210k.

Less than 80 players remain with an average stack of 85k. The top 63 cash, so the money bubble is quickly approaching.

Ortiz on the Prowl

Event 6: Update

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

They've just broken a table in The Signature Room so they're down to nine 10-handed tables, meaning 90 or fewer players remain. We still haven't gotten the final, official numbers or payouts, but hopefully soon.

Joe Simmons and Gregory Bock

On my first pass through this crowd, I only recognized a few faces. Chris Reslock, of course, and Joe Simmons, Robert Toft, and Gregory Bock, (Union, NJ) who finished 33rd in Event 1 a couple of days ago.

Joe and Gregory are at the same table and just as I was typing this, Gregory got his last 275 chips all-in against three opponents, including Joe. The board read A Q 6 K 3 (no flush possible) and there was a small side-pot. Arthur Mitchell (Pasadena, TX) tabled AJ42 for the nut low and a pair of Aces. All three of the others held JTxx for the Broadway straight, which was the nut high. Arthur claimed half of both the main and side pots. Joe and seat 8 had to split the side pot and the other half of the main pot got cut into thirds. Gregory survived his all-in with about 3k in chips.

Level 8 wrapped up and players were dispatched on a 45 minute dinner break. Play will resume at about 8:45pm.

Event 4: Dinner Break Chip Counts

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Level 11 ticked away with no further fireworks. The final 13 players headed for the door to enjoy their 75 minute dinner break. Play will resume at about 8:25pm.

Here are some rough chip counts:
David Peters 405k
Chris Klodnicki 278k
Sorel Mizzi 240k
Philip Collins 200k
Gavin Smith 177k
Lee Markholt 105k
Cliff Josephy 99k
Scott Blackman 95k
Roland Israel 84k
Taha Maruf 69k
Todd Terry 64k
Matt Glantz 37k
Miguel Borrero 27k

Event 4: Slow Going

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

With 13 players remaining and only 9 getting paid, every decision made by these players is given serious thought.

Chris Klodnicki opened for 4k utg and Roland Israel made it 14,300 straight from the small blind. Chris tanked for a couple of minutes, then plopped out a stack of blue chips, enough to cover Roland, who only had about 64k left. Roland then took his turn in the tank, eventually deciding to wait for a better spot.

A couple of hands later, Roland raised to 4,500 from the cutoff and Matt Glantz made it 11,600 from the button. Roland eyed Matt's remaining chips, which was only about 35k, then opted to call. The flop came Q J 9 rainbow and Roland moved all-in. Matt let it go and Roland took the pot.

Over on table two, Todd Terry bet the 9 9 8 flop and got a call from Gavin Smith on the button. They both checked the Queen on the turn, then a Jack hit the river. Todd checked, Gavin bet 12,800 and after a few seconds, Todd made the call. Gavin showed T7 suited for the rivered straight. Todd flashed a 9 in disgust and mucked his hand. He was left with about 70k.

Event 4: Borgata Championship Bracelet To Winner

Borgata Bling - Hold'em Hardware

First Prize: In addition to the $170,313 the winner will be presented with this East Coast Championship Borgata Bracelet.

Event 4: Harder Heading Home

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Chris Harder (Annapolis, MD) is down to 18k when he shoves 8 9♣. Taha Maruf (Motijeeh, India) makes the call with 10 10 and the hand holds.

13 players remain.

Event 4: Nut Straight vs. Full House

Event 4: $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship

Taha Maruf turns a full house and doubles up through Chris Klondnicki who rivered the nut straight.

Taha's pocket nines (9-9) against Chris' (K-Q).

Flop 4-4-10.

Taha spikes a nine on the turn for the boat.

Jack on the river gives Chris the nut straight but of course it's not good enough.

Taha receives a collect-call on his all in, giving him a stack total of 55,000.

Chris studies the board as the dust settles and utters the words, "Sick Hand".

Event 4: Final 14

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Table 1

Table 2

Event 4: "Shiff" Shoves Then Shuffles Out

David Peters limps and Dan Shiff, with about ten big blinds left, ships his last 15,000 in but he's flying completely blind.

He flips over his hand not too pleased to see only J-2, which is way behind Peter's eights.

8-8 holds and Dan Shiff exits in 15th place.

The remaining fourteen players are on a fifteen minute break.

Event 4: Payouts

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)


1 $170,313
2 $92,456
3 $58,393
4 $43,795
5 $34,063
6 $29,196
7 $24,330
8 $19,464
9 $14,598

Event 4: Hitting the Brikis

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Roland Along

Roland Israelashvili (Forest Hills, NY) raises under the gun
Josh Brikis (Pittsburgh, PA) reraises
Israelashvili 4 bets and puts Brikis all in.
Brikis calls

Israelashvili: K K
Brikis: Q Q

Board runs clean and Brikis' last 60k goes to Israelashvili.

15 players remain as level 10 (600/1200/100 ante) winds down.

Event 4: Table 2 Seating & Chip Counts

$7500 East Coast Championship (NL)

Table 2 (of 2)

Seat 1: Todd Terry..................................110,000
Seat 2: Dave Peters...............................215,000
Seat 3: Danny Shiff....................................30,000
Seat 4: Gavin Smith...............................238,000
Seat 5: Cliff Josephy..............................125,000
Seat 6: Sorel Jay Mizzi...........................170,000
Seat 7: Miguel Borrero.............................48,000
Seat 8: Lee Markholt..............................157,000

Event 4: Table 1 Seating & Chip Counts

Event 4: $7500 East Coast Championship (NL)

Table 1 (of 2)

Seat 1: Scott Blackman.........................100,000
Seat 2: Christian Harder....................... 28,000
Seat 3: Philip Collins..............................170,000
Seat 4: Taha Maruf................................. 50,000
Seat 5: Roland Israelashvili.................... 80,000
Seat 6: Josh Brikis.................................... 81,000
Seat 7: Matthew Glantz........................... 65,000
Seat 8: Christopher Klodnicki..................234,000

Event 6: Level 4 Underway

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Omaha in The Signature Room

13 tables remain in The Signature Room.

Blinds are 75/150. Action betting on 150/300.

Event 4: Back to Back Hands

$7200 +$300 East Coast Championship (NL)

Klod-ing Along

Chris Klodnicki (Vorhees, NJ) is picking up momentum with a couple of nice hands. First he knocks out Will "The Thrill" Failla (Commack, NY) when Klodnicki flops a set of jacks and Failla's turned set of 6s is no good.

"There goes my tournament," says Failla as he's knocked out in 19th place.

On the next hand, Klodnicki and Todd Terry (Hoboken, NJ) go to the river on a board of 97876♣, Klodnicki leads out and Terry folds saying, "It must be nice to always get there."

Klodnicki is up to 190k as 18 players remain with an average stack of 103k.

Level 10 (600/1200/100 ante) is underway.

Event 4: Not Too "Hard" For Gavin Who's At 245K

Event 4: $7500 East Coast Championship (NL)

Gavin Smith has the table laughing as he thinks he sucked out on Christian Harder for 110,000. "I had A-3 of spades so naturally I call him." Gavin flops an ace and turns a three. "I'm thinking he had a bigger ace but he folded and it was never shown. No expression from this guy."

Yesterday some dude got mad at Gavin for beating him up with 8-3 of spades. Gavin wanted to pass on a message saying "it wasn't personal". Me thinks he likes his spades.

While we're doing shout outs, Jim Boyd wanted me to tell Gavin that he did not bring up any rock soup or possum jerky from West Virginia for them to feast on. Apparently Gavin pining back to the days he used to spend with his hillbilly poker pals from yesteryear.

Gavin continues to build his large stack now at 245,000.

Event 5: Numbers

$50,000 Guarantee
$200 + $30 (NL)

Kim (left) & Company

The unofficial totals are 682 players in the field, with approximately 300 remaining. First prize will be nearly $37,000 with 63 players cashing (min cash $340-ish).

The Poker Room is buzzing with both tournament and cash players, prompting Kim, one of our favorite Borgata Babes to wonder, "Will it be this crazy tomorrow?"

Yes, Kim get the girls ready for lots of extra tips the next two weeks!

Event 6: Omaha Players On Break

When Event 6 - $350 Buy-In + 50 Omaha H/L 8B - players return from a ten minute break they'll begin Level 3.

Level 3 - Blinds 50 /100. Betting is 100 / 200.

Jay Centeno is around 13,000.

He took 16th place the last time he played Borgata Omaha and is proclaims, "I'm taking first this time around."

Jay scooped almost every hand he played. Four out of five (3/4 on the fifth).

"I'm done with no-limit. This is my game. Tight & right!"

Event 4: 21 Players Remain - Markholt Climbing.

Lee Markholt (University Place, WA) is up to 120,000 at table 2.

He just turned top-two and knocked out an opponent who flopped top pair.

Flop - K-6-5 (two clubs)
Turn 8.

Markholt bets 14,500 and opponent shoves.

Markholt calls and tables K-8. Opponent's K-10 loses once the river bricks.

21 players remain.

Event 4: Break Time Before Level 9.

Event #4: $7200 East Coast Championship

We're going on a 20 minute break.

When we come back we'll begin Level 9.

100 antes.
500 / 1000 blinds.

22 players remain. 3 tables.

Gavin Smith update: 162,500.

Event 6: $350 Buy-In +$50 Omaha H/L 8B Started

Omaha Aficionado - Dick Copsey

Event #6 (Day 1) $350 Omaha H/L 8B tournament has started in The Signature Room.

So far 112 players are at 12 tables.

Level 1: Blinds 25 / 25. Betting is 25 / 50.

I spoke with Dick Copsey from Maryland who comes up often to play only Omaha at Borgata.

"It's all I play. I prefer Omaha because there's more action. I like having four cards and a chance to win high or low" said Dick.

Dick said he thinks Omaha is catching on and that the April dates fit well into his schedule.

Event 4: Philip Drives Screw Into Opponent's Coffin

Philip Collins

Philip Collins, screen name USCphildo, is up to 170,000 after knocking out his opponent.

Philip is holding pocket queens on a flop of Q

Opponent bets 4000. Philip raises 11,500 with his set and gets called.

Turn is a 10

Philip bets 25,000 and opponent jams all-in with the up and down monster flush draw tabling 7

River is 10
giving Collins the pot.

We're now at three tables 24 players.

They're dropping like flies.

Sidenote: Gavin Smith & Matt Glantz have been broken up. Matt is now at table 2.

Event 4: Bad Bluff = Bust Out

4 tables 29 players remain after Lawrence Ernest shoved at the worst time possible.

Little did he know Daniel Shiff (Aventura, FL) flopped a wheel with A-5.

First to act Earnest jammed 14,000 on the 2-3-4 flop holding only K-Q.

Snap call by Shiff puts his stack now at 55,000.

Daniel will happily take the gift.

Event 5: Level 5

Event #5: $200 Buy-In + $30 No Limit Hold'em

An unofficial count of total players in Event 5 is 680.

The large turn-out is spread throughout the Poker Room including the high stakes room.

25 antes kick in this round with blinds at 150/300.

Event 4: Taha Take-Down

Taha Maruf gains chips after knocking out a player.

Taha flopped a set of fours. His opponent bet the flop with an open ended straight draw, Taha raised, opponent shoved, and Taha called.

Muruf survives the turn and river to scoop the pot.
He now has 83,000.

33 players remain.

Event 4: Sorel Jay Leading the Way

Sorel Jay Mizzi

Sorel Jay is leading his table and maybe the tournament with 160,000.

He padded his stack after knocking out a player today once his K-9 saw a friendly flop of J-9-9.

Event 4: Glantz Punishes Gavin

Gavin vs. Glantz

I asked Gavin if he liked his table draw. "I don't care much about table draws. You gotta beat all these buggers sooner or later. Although I'd rather go up against Harder when he has 100,000 rather than a million."

Matt Glantz and Gavin are already sparring. Who's better at poker, Who's better at backgammon... Matt - "This will be Gavin's first US win in years if he holds on."

One hand after saying this Matt punishes Gavin and doubles up through him when A-K holds up against A-J.

Matt in the small blind risked 8,200, half his stack, Gavin ships it from position and Matt calls.
Matt - "What could the former chipleader have been thinking? Shipping it with only A-J?"

There's a lot of friendly ribbing and banter at Table 2 and I have a feeling they'll be calling me over more than once today.

We started with 39 today and short stack Robert Hwang is already out.

Event 4: $7200 Is Up And Running

Event #4 - $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship No Limit Hold'Em

Play has continued from yesterday's $7200 tournament.

Five tables are seeing action in The Signature Room.

An interesting match-up is at Table 3 that pits chip leader ($128,625)
Gavin Smith (Las Vegas) in seat 8 against third in chips Christian Harder (Annapolis) in seat 2.

300/600 blinds with 75 antes.

They'll break every two levels and have dinner at 7pm sharp.

Event 5: Level 2 sees KK Flush Out Aces

Frank Peteroy in need of a comeback

Event #5: $200 Buy-In + $30 Entry

Event #5 is in Level 2.

Blinds are 50/100.

Up to 60 full tables and the line is still huge.

Last night's Second Chance Winner (Event 31) Frank Peteroy (Staten Island, NY) has taken an early blow losing 8,000 when his pocket aces get four flushed by Luciano Iacovella's (Montreal Canada) pocket kings.

Once the needed spade hit the river Iacovella sprung out of his seat about twenty yards.

Frank - "He hit runner runner on me. I'll get him back with a big bear hug later. Actually, it's her fault." Frank joked with the dealer to his right who joked back."

On Tap For Today Wed. April 14th, 2010

Today's Schedule

Another great day of poker planned for Borgata Spring Poker Open!!!

Five tables from yesterday's Event #4 - $7200 East Coast Championship will return to The Signature Room to finish their tournament at twelve noon day.

Event #6 will also shuffle up and deal in The Signature Room at 2pm.

Event #5: $200 Buy-In + $30 No Limit Hold'em Underway

Event #5 - Borgata Poker Room

Event #5: $200 Buy-In + $30 No Limit Hold'em

Great turnout for Event 5 which started at 11am. There are still 200 plus latecomers waiting in line who all will most likely get in.

At post-time I counted 43 tables dealing cards for this event in Borgata's Poker room.

Level 1 has no antes with blinds at 25/50. Each level lasts 30 minutes.

EVENT 3: $350 + $50 NL

Entries: 197 Total Buy-In: $68,950

16. LUCAS SMITH (NEW YORK, NY): $1,003

Event 3: Champion - Thiagarajah

$350 + $50 (NL)

Ragavan Thiagarajah - 1st Place

Ragavan wasted no time collecting the last of the chips as he dispatch Jay Johnson in second place. Jay earned $11,370 as runner-up.

Jay Johnson - 2nd Place

Ragavan was surprised when he learned there was a trophy to go with the $20,600 he would be taking home for first place.

Event 3: 3rd Place - Smith

$350 + $50 (NL)

Christopher Smith - 3rd Place

Ragavan's chip lead proved insurmountable. He dispatched Christopher Smith in third place. Christopher claimed $6,354 for the day's work.

Event 3: 4th Place - Kaufmann

$350 + $50 (NL)

Walt Kaufmann - 4th Place

Jay Johnson completed the small blind and Walt Kaufmann checked his option. The flop came A 9 8 and Jay led out for 23k. Walt made the call and the turn brought another 9. Jay checked, Walt bet 45k, and Jay called. The river was a 6 and Jay checked. Walt fired 100k and Jay announced he was all-in. Walt folded and Jay took the pot.

On the next hand, Walt moved in from the small blind and Ragavan called from the big. Walt's A4 suited was dominated by Ragavan's AQ off. The board came 8 6 5 9 T and Ragavan's kicker was good. Walt Kaufmann finished in 4th place, good for $4,682.

After that hand, Ragavan had a commanding chip lead.

Event 4: Chip Leader Gavin Smith

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Event 4: Chip Counts

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)


GAVIN SMITH $128,625
TODD TERRY $83,650
TAHA MARUF $61,300
DAVID BELL $38,725
RYAN KARP $22,000
ZVI SHIFF $16,375

Event 3: 5th Place - Nguyen

$350 + $50 (NL)

Vinh Nguyen - 5th Place

Vinh Nguyen made it 44k on the button and Ragavan called from the big blind. The flop was Q 7 3 rainbow and Ragavan checked. Vinh bet 50k. Ragavan shoved. Vinh folded vigorously.

A couple of hands later, Vinh moved in utg and action folded around to Jay Johnson in the big blind, who asked for a count. It was 161k total. Jay announced call and turned up AK suited. Vinh's A9 offsuit was in bad shape. The board came K T 8 7 3 and Jay took the pot. Vinh took 5th place and $4,013.

Another level gone. Blinds are up to 10k/20k with 3k antes. Play continues 4-handed.

Event 3: Five-way Action Continues

$350 + $50 (NL)

Play resumed after the break with Level 20, blinds 8k/16k with 2k antes.

Jay Johnson opened for 40k on the button and Vinh Nguyen called from the small blind. Both checked the Q T 8 flop. A 6 hit the turn and Vinh led out for 50k. Jay called quickly and the river was a 7. Vinh checked and Jay fired 125k. Vinh surrendered and Jay picked up a nice pot.

Jay limped in from the cutoff and Ragavan checked his option. On the K 5 3 rainbow flop, Ragavan led out for 18k and Jay kicked it up to 40k. Ragavan let it go and Jay continued to build his stack.

Vinh moved all-in two hands in a row but got no takers. Walt then moved in and also got no action. Christopher Smith opened for 40k utg and Walt shoved on him. Christopher let it go. Then Walt moved all-in when he had the button - again, no takers.

These final five players seem prepared to gut this out as long as it takes.

Event 3: Still 5 Players

$350 + $50 (NL)

Walt Kaufmann opened for 35k, Ragavan Thiagarajah called from the button and Jay Johnson called from the big blind. The flop came J 8 4 -- all diamonds. They checked to the button, who bet 38k. Jay called and Walt let it go. Turn was an offsuit 3 and both checked. River was an offsuit Queen and they checked it down. Jay rolled over pocket 9s (with the diamond) and Ragavan mucked.

That was the last hand of the level and the final five took off for a ten minute break.

Here are some rough chip counts:
Jay - 473k
Vinh - 335k
Walt - 152k
Ragavan - 502k
Christopher - 512k

Event 3: 6th Place - Reyes

$350 + $50 (NL)

Orlando Reyes - 6th Place

Christopher Smith opened for 35k utg and action folded to Orlando Reyes in the small blind, who moved all in. It was another 44k back to Christopher, who called. Orlando was ahead with pocket 7s. Christopher held A5 suited. It was over quickly as an Ace hit the flop, leaving Orlando drawing to one of two remaining 7s. No such luck and it was over for Orlando. He left with 6th place and $3,344.

Event 3: 7th Place - Mevorah

$350 + $50 (NL)

Play continued into Level 19 with blinds of 6k/12k and 2k antes.

Abraham Mevorah - 7th Place

Abraham Mevorah and Christopher Smith got all-in pre-flop. Abraham held pocket 5s and was essentially racing against Christopher's AK. Christopher won that race and doubled up, leaving Abraham very short.

Abraham was all in for the big blind on the next hand and Christopher claimed the last of his chips holding Q7, which dominated Abraham's J7. Abraham took 7th place and $2,675.

Abraham is the owner of the New York Comedy Club and the Broadway Comedy Club. Clayton Fletcher, who finished 12th in this event, is actually one of the comedians that performs at Abraham's club.

Event 3: 8th Place - Hoover

$350 + $50 (NL)

Monte Hoover, Sr. - 8th Place

Monte Hoover open-shoved from the cutoff and everyone folded to Jay Johnson in the big blind. Jay made the call showing AK off. Monte's K T off was badly dominated. The board ran dry for him: 8 6 3 4 3. Monte finished in 8th place earning $2,007.

Event 4: Overtime

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Crowder's Conundrum

All but two of the 40 remaining players are bagged and tagged as there's a showdown at the O.K. Corral.

The board shows: 7K 8 3 3 when Gavin Smith bets out 16k after a check from Keith Crowder, who's now in the midst of an internal debate.

"Do you want me to fold my king," he asks while standing in front of his seat. "Man, the last hand of the night," he continues. "Will you show this one?"

Smith shakes his head no.

Crowder is struggling to make a decision, as the clock is now 5 minutes past the completion of Level 6, the last of the night. "Tomorrow's another day," says Smith. "Today's another day," Crowder retorts.

After a few more seconds, Crowder throws the 16k in the pot and Smith turns over K 7 for a ftwo pairs and Crowder mucks. "That seat has out flopped me all day. Good hand," he says, as Smith rakes the pot.

Smith ends the night with 128,265 and is the chip leader, while Crowder looks to regroup as the hit takes him down to 13k.

A complete list of remaining players and chip counts will be posted after 9 am. Play resumes noon Wednesday in The Signature Room.

Smith's King-Seven, Good

Event 3: 9th Place - Ostrander

$350 + $50 (NL)

Jim Ostrander - 9th Place

Vinh Nguyen opened from the cutoff and Jim Ostrander moved all-in from the big blind. Vinh held A7 off and was trailing Jim's pocket Tens, but the flop came A J 7 giving Vinh a massive lead with Aces-up. Jim was unable to find either of his two outs (or catch a runner-runner straight) and was busted. He left with 9th place and $1,505.

Event 3: Final Table

$350 + $50 (NL)

Play resumed with Level 18, Blinds 5k/10k with 1k antes.

Here's the final table lineup:

Seat Player Hometown
1 Jay Johnson, Philadelphia, PA
2 Vinh Nguyen, New York, NY
3 Walt Kaufmann, Philadelphia, PA
4 Orlando Reyes, Hanahan, SC
5 Jim Ostrander, Southern Pines, NC
6 Ragavan Thiagarajah, Marlton, NJ
7 Monte Hoover, Sr., Stubenville, OH
8 Christopher Smith, New York, NY
9 Abraham Mevorah, Staten Island, NY

Gordon Eng says Vinh Nguyen is a a shoe-in to win this event. Gordon's been sweating him all day and is still hanging in, despite the late hour.

Event 3: 10th Place - Thambynayagam

$350 + $50 (NL)

Anthony Thambynayagam - 10th Place

After action folded to him in the middle, Anthony Thambynaygam moved his last 14,500 all-in. Vinh Nguyen looked him up from the cutoff and everyone else dove for cover. Anthony held J8 off and Vinh was ahead with A9 off. The board came T 7 2 2 T and Vinh's Ace-kicker was good. Anthony took home $1,304 for tenth place.

End of level and the final nine are taking ten.

Event 3: 11th Place - Jozwiak

$350 + $50 (NL)

Ireneusz Jozwiak (Frederick, MD) moved all-in holding A3, only to run into Ragavan Thiagarajah's pocket 9s. The board came 9 2 4 x 4 and Ragavan made another full house to take the pot, sending seat 1 home. Jozwiak earned $1,304 for his 11th place finish.

The final ten players drew for seats and moved to a single table.

Event 3: 12th Place - Fletcher

$350 + $50 (NL)

Looks like I spoke too soon. After losing that last pot, Clayton Fletcher (NY) got all-in holding pocket 7s. Ragavan Thiagarajah (Marlton, NJ) got all in holding pocket 4s, and Jay Johnson had them both covered in chips and smothered with pocket Kings.

It looked like they were headed for a double-elimination and the final table of ten, but the board came 4 3 2 3 5 giving Ragavan the full house and the triple-up to about 300k. Jay was left with about 120k and Clayton left with 12th place and $1,304.

11 players remain.