Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Event 5: Running Good

$50,000 Guarantee (NL)
$200 + $30

Valence Looking for Another Victory

When you're hot, you're hot and Chris Valence (Hampstead, NH) is smoking. Fresh off his Event 2 win, Valence is the chip leader with 330k in Event 5.

Iis he playing well or getting hit by the deck? "I don't know, ask him," Valence says pointing across the table.

Seat 5 replies, "don't get me wrong, he's playing well, but he's getting hit by the deck."

Also in the mix is Ryan Ortiz (Pinehill, NJ) who has 210k. He's at table three along with another big stack, John Manwearing (Queens, NY) and his 210k.

Less than 80 players remain with an average stack of 85k. The top 63 cash, so the money bubble is quickly approaching.

Ortiz on the Prowl

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