Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Event 4: Israel Bubbles

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Roland Israel

Taha Maruf raised and Roland Israel shoved his short stack across the line. Taha called the extra chips, tabling AK off. Roland held pocket 4s and it was a typical race situtation. The flop was good for R0land, coming T 8 6. He cleared the turn, which was a 7. The river, however, was a killer as the ubiquitous Ace on the river gave Taha the bigger pair and the pot.

Roland Israel leaves with the title of bubble-boy for this event, finishing tenth.

The final 9 are counting and bagging their chips for the night. Counts will be posted shortly.

Final table action gets underway at noon eastern time Thursday.

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