Saturday, April 24, 2010

Event 21: Bubble Breaks

$1,000 + $90 (NL,6-MAX)

Congratulations Players, you're in the Money...

18 Players Remaining
Avg. Stack: $123,157
Blinds @ 1,500/3,000/400a

Official PAYOUTS:

1 - $46,607
2 - $25,724
3 - $14,375
4 - $10,592
5 - $9,079
6 - $7,566
7 - $6,053
8 - $4,540
9 - $3,405
10-12 $2,951
13-15 $2,572
16-18 $2,270

Official Chip-Counts:

Jim Casement - 303,000
Tim Begley - 235,000
Sam Biery - 205,000
Joe Mosca - 198,000
Guy Maxtone-Graham - 191,000
Dwyte Pilgrim - 147,000
William Kakon - 121,000
Manny Minaya - 118,000
George Kourdin - 101,000

Event 20: Champion - Gordon Eng

$1500 + $150 NL

The blinds went up to 15k/30k with 4k antes. Play continued.

It was apparent that these two final players were getting tired. They were having trouble counting out their chips and had resorted to announcing the amounts of bets and raises to make sure they got it right. After playing 15 hours yesterday and eleven hours today, their weariness was understandable.

The last hand came with a board of A 9 6 J J. They got all the chips in the middle on the river and Gordon Eng showed AQ. Alan Sternberg mucked his hand, accepting defeat and second place (and $40,071).

Gordon Eng emerged victorious, earning $70,599 for first place.

Gordon Eng - 1st place

Alan Sternberg - 2nd place

Event 20: Eng Pulls Ahead

$1500 + $150 NL

Gordon Eng called on the button, then Alan Sternberg raised another 35k from the big blind. Gordon then re-raised another 90k on top of that. Alan called and the flop came Q J 9. Alan checked, Gordon bet 140k, and Alan called. Turn was a 5 and the third spade. Both checked. River was an offsuit 3 and again both checked. Alan showed AT with one spade. Gordon showed A3 off and took the pot with a pair of 3s.

Alan opened for 55k and Gordon called. The flop was J 7 6 with two spades. Gordon checked, Alan bet 55k, and Gordon called. Turn was a 4 and the third spade. Both checked. River was an offsuit Ace. Gordon bet 200k. Alan gave it a little thought, then called. Gordon showed 64 of diamonds for two pair. Alan mucked. With that pot, Gordon claimed a slight chip advantage over Alan.

Event 20: 3rd - Jamshidi

$1500 + $150 NL

Sirous Jamshidi has been lamenting his card-dead situation most of the day. He finally caught a pair, but probably wishes he hadn't. Gordon Eng moved in from the small blind and Sirous called all-in, showing pocket 4s. Gordon held QJ. The flop came K T 9 giving Gordon a straight and leaving Sirous drawing slim to perfect-perfect. The last two came 9 7 and Gordon took the pot.

Sirous Jamshidi finished in 3rd place, earning $22,392.

At the beginning of heads-up play, Alan Sternberg has about 2/3 of the chips and Gordon has about 1/3 of the chips.

Sirous Jamshidi - 3rd place

Event 20: 4th - Saltiel

$1500 + $150 NL

Alan Sternberg open-shoved his big stack from the small blind and Gordon Eng insta-called all-in for 355k from the big. Alan's pocket 2s were crushed by Gordon's pocket 4s. The board ran out K T 4 6 T and Gordon doubled up to ~720k.

A lot of time passed as they were pushing chips around the table, then it happened quickly:

Robert Saltiel opened for 51k, then Alan raised to 121k from the button. When action returned to Robert, he announced all-in Alan snap-called, showing AK off. Robert held AQ of hearts and was dominated. The flop came K 9 2 with two hearts, giving Alan a pair of Kings, but giving Robert the flush draw. The last two were offsuit J K though and Alan took the pot. Robert finished in 4th place, taking home $16,500.

Robert Saltiel - 4th place

With that pot, Alan chipped up to ~2.26 million. Gordon has about 606k and Sirous has about 380k.

That was also the last hand of the level. The final three are taking ten.

Event 21: Crack the Case

$1,000 + $90 (NL,6-MAX)

24 Players Remaining
Avg. Stack: $98,500
Blinds @ 1,000/2,000/300a

Jim Casement - 171,500 Chips

Event 20: Eng Doubles

$1500 + $150 NL

Gordon Eng got all-in for 313k with action from chip leader Alan Sternberg. Gordo's KQ suited was dominated by Alan's AK. "Queen!" calls Gordon. Ask and ye shall receive, I guess. The board came Q J J 8 Q and Gordon took the double with Queens full.

He then shipped some of it across the table. Robert Saltiel opened for 51k and Gordon made it 130 straight from the small blind. Robert moved all-in and Gordon folded.

Event 21: Whaddya' say Joe?

$1,000 + $90 (NL,6-MAX)

29 Players Remaining
Avg. Stack: $79,857
Blinds @ 800/1,600/200a


Joe Casement - 187,000
Joe Mosca - 151,000
Joe Gatmaitun - 147,000
George Kourdin - 101,000
Dwyte Pilgrim - 91,000

Event 21: Nightly Grind

$1,000 + $90 (NL, 6-MAX)

David Arsht is all smiles on Table #1, he sits with 63,500 chips.

Event 20: 5th - Barkoutsis

$1500 + $150 NL

Ilias Barkoutsis moved all-in utg and action folded around to Alan Sternberg in the big blind, who called. Ilias showed KJ offsuit and groaned when Alan rolled over pocket Kings. The board came 9 6 4 A J and Alan added more chips to his monster stack. Ilias finished 5th for $14,143.

Ilias Barkoutsis - 5th place


Satellite Watch

82 Entrants
44 Players Remaining
12 Players receive Entry to Championship Event

"Will the Thrill" Failla and Barry Leventhal stroll past Media Row during a break in the Championship Event Qualifier.

Good luck guys, grind your way in.

Evebt 20: 6th place - Shor

$1500 + $150 NL

Play resumed following dinner and 15 minutes later the blinds went up to 8k/16k with 2k antes. Play continued.

Jeremy Shor opened for 50k in the hijack and Alan Sternberg called from the cutoff. The flop came AQ6 and Jeremy checked. Alan bet 60k. Jeremy tanked for a couple of minutes, then raised 250k on top (leaving himself about 200k behind). Alan quickly announced he was all in. Jeremy went back into the tank and eventually called all-in. Alan held AQ for top two pair. Jeremy held KJ for the nut flush draw with gutshot. The last two cards were KQ giving Alan Queens full and giving Jeremy the boot. He finished in 6th place, earning $11,786.

With that monster pot, Alan has over 1.2 million chips.

Jeremy Shor - 6th place

Event 21: Miami Vice

$1,000 + $90 (NL, 6-MAX)

Man on a Mission...

William Kakon flew north for "good tournament poker," he's played well in his warm-up, before Borgata's Main Event. The man from Miami currently sits with 110,000 chips.

William Kakon -110,000 Chips

Event 21: Leading the Field

$1,000 + $90 (NL, 6-MAX)

35 Players Remaining
Avg. Stack: $66,857
Blinds @ 600/1,200/200a

Chip-Leaders after the Dinner Break...

Tim Begley - 163,000
Manny Minaya - 161,000
Sam Biery - 151,000
David Arsht - 143,000
Jim Casement - 107,000
Dwyte Pilgrim - 91,000
William Kakon - 90,000

Go Eat!

$1,000 + $90 (NL,6-MAX)

All 6-MAX No Limit Tournament Players back from 1-hour Dinner Break.

Event 20: Dinner Hour - Chip Counts

$1500 + $150 NL

The clock was stopped with 15 minutes remaining in the level. The final six players have been sent on a one-hour dinner break. Play will resume at 8pm.

Here are the rough chip counts:

Alan Sternberg - 798k
Robert Saltiel - 750k
Jeremy Shor - 515k
Gordon Eng - 450k
Sirous Jamshidi - 446k
Ilias Barkoutsis - 292k

Event 20: 7th - Heger

$1500 + $150 NL

William Heger got his last chips in pre-flop holding AQ, only to run into Robert Saltiel's pocket Aces. The Aces held up again and Robert took the pot. William took 7th and $9,428.

William Heger - 7th place

Event 20: 8th - Kalteux

$1500 + $150 NL

In a battle of the blinds, Robert Kalteux got all-in against Alan Sternberg. Robert held AK and was in deep trouble against Alan's pocket Aces. The board came J 6 3 8 9 and Alan took the pot. Robert took 8th place and $7,071.

Robert Kalteux - 8th place

Event 20: 9th - Rosen

$1500 + $150 NL

Gordon Eng opened for 31k and Doug Rosen moved all in for 96k straight. Action folded back to Gordon, who made the call. "It's the same hand I went out on last time" said Doug, as he tabled his pocket 8s. Gordon held AJ offsuit and it was race time. The board came A 5 2 K 5 and Gordon took the pot with Aces-up. Doug finished 9th for $5,303.

Doug Rosen - 9th place

Event 21: Hunger Pains

$1,000 + $90 (NL,6-MAX)

Short Stacks fall and Big Stacks grow as the
Dinner Break approahces...

Joe Mosca - 91,550 Chips

Event 21: The Cash

$1,000 + $90 (NL, 6-MAX)

49 Players Remaining,
Dinner Break @ 7pm.

Official PAYOUTS:

1 - $46,607
2 - $25,724
3 - $14,375
4 - $10,592
5 - $9,079
6 - $7,566
7 - $6,053
8 - $4,540
9 - $3,405
10-12 $2,951
13-15 $2,572
16-18 $2,270

Event 20: Saltiel Doubles; Blinds Up

$1500 + $150 NL

On a flop of K73, Robert Saltiel fired 68k from the hijack. Jeremy Shor called from the cutoff and Alan Sternberg opted out from the button. Turn was the 2. Robert shoved and Jeremy snap-called, showing pocket 7s for the set. Robert held KQ for top pair with flush draw. River was the A, completing the flush for Robert. He doubled up to about 503k. Jeremy was left with about 440k.

End of level. Play continued with blinds of 6k/12k and 2k antes. They will play until 7pm, then take a dinner break.

Event 20: 10th - Klier

$1500 + $150 NL

Jeremy Shor raised and Ben Klier moved in for 135k. Jeremy insta-called, showing AK. Ben's AJ was behind and would need help. He got none from the board, however, and was sent packing.

Ben Klier finished 10th for $4,596.

Benjamin Klier - 10th place

9 players remain.

Event 20: 11th - Geier

$1500 + $150 NL

Jeremy Shor opened for 30k and Ted Geier called. The flop came 6 4 2 with two diamonds. Jeremy bet 60k and Ted moved all-in for 86k on top. Jeremy made the call showing 96 of hearts for a pair of 6s. Ted held AT off (two overs). The last two came 9 8 and Jeremy took the pot with two pair. Charles "Ted" Geier finished 11th for $4,596.

Charles "Ted" Geier - 11th place

The final ten drew for seats and moved to a single table.

Event 20: Short Stacks Surviving

$1500 + $150 NL

Ted Geier moved in for 67K and Sirous Jamshidi called, showing AQ. Ted held pocket 9s. The board came 5 4 3 K 7 and Ted doubled up.

Doug Rosen got all-in for 74k and again Sirous Jamshidi called. This time Sirous held the pocket 9s and was ahead of Doug's KT off. The flop cam 9 7 5, improving Sirous to a set. Turn was an 8 giving Doug an open-ender. River was the 6 he needed to survive and double up with a straight.

Event 21: Six-Max Stack Check

$1,000 + $90 (NL, 6-MAX)

65 Players Remaining
Blinds @ 300/600/75a
Avg. Stack: $36,500

Player (Chip-Count):

Bobby Deppe - 20,500
Jesse Yaginuma - 55,000
"Mikey" Dentale - 16,500
Mike Beasley - 47,775
Dwyte Pilgrim - 36,500
Feming Chan - 42,100
Steve Dannenman - 21,500
Ryan Eriquezzo - 41,100

Event 20: 12th - Schanbacher

$1500 + $150 NL

Jack Schanbacher moved in for 113k utg and action folded to Gordon Eng on the button, who made the call showing pocket Jacks. Jack held pocket 5s and was in trouble. He got no help from the board and was busted. Jack earned $4,596 for his 12th place finish.

Jack Schanbacher - 12th place

Event 20: Chip Counts

$1500 + $150 NL

End of level and the remaining dozen players took off for a break. Here are the approximate chip counts:

Sirous Jamshidi - 596k
Robert Kalteux - 450k
Robert Saltiel - 442k
Ilias Barkoutsis - 320k
Jeremy Shor - 279k
William Heger - 275k
Alan Sternberg - 243k
Gordon Eng - 193k
Ben Klier - 160k
Jack Schanbacher - 117k
Doug Rosen - 115k
Ted Geier - 48k

Following the break, play resumed with 1k antes and blinds of 5k/10k.

Dwyte Pilgrim Responds to Challenge from Malott

Andrew Malott just won his first WSOP Circuit event at Caesar's in Las Vegas. In a press release he issued a challenge to Dwyte Pilgrim:

"Andrew Malott Wins WSOP Circuit Tournament
Boosted by the confidence of his first-ever WSOP Circuit win, he issued a challenge to three-time WSOP Circuit gold ring winner Dwyte Pilgrim.

“This is to my boy, Dwyte Pilgrim,” barked Malott for the entire poker world to hear. “I’m going to catch up to your rings, kid. The rings are going to be all over my fingers. You know how it’s going to go….I’m coming for you Dwyte Pilgrim, let’s go!”

Pilgrim, who did not show up at this year’s Caesars series was not available for comment."


Dwyte Pilgrim, who owns three WSOP Circuit gold rings, did not go to Vegas for that event because he is here at Borgata enjoying the tournaments of the Spring Poker Open. I showed him the press release and he had this response:

"Anybody can win one ring, Malott. Come see me when you've got two."

Dwyte Pilgrim - 3 circuit gold rings

Event 20: 13th - Shackelford

$1500 + $150 NL

After a raise from Sirous Jamshidi, Ray Shackelford moved all in from the button. Sirous made the call, showing AK. Ray held pocket Queens and it was post time at the races. The race was over quickly as the flop came A T 4. The last two were 8 T giving Sirous Aces-up and the pot. Ray finished in 13th place, earning $4,007.

Ray Shackelford - 13th place

12 players remain.

Event 20: 14th - Coelho

$1500 + $150 NL

Vitor Coelho got his chips in holding AJ, only to run into the pocket Aces held by Alan Sternberg. The board ran dry for Vitor and he was dispatched in 14th place ($4,007).

Vitor Coelho - 14th place

Event 20: 15th - Siegel

$1500 + $150 NL

Eric Siegel moved in utg+1 and action folded around to Robert Saltiel in the big blind, who called. It was a classic race as Eric held AK suited and Robert held pocket 5s. The board came J 8 4 7 T and Robert took the pot. Eric took 15th and $4,007.

Eric Siegel - 15th place

Event 20: 17th - Peluso; 16th - Adler

$1500 + $150 NL

Gordon Eng got all-in for 53k holding pocket 6s against Vitor Coelho, who held the boss pair, pocket Aces. It looked like Gordon was headed for the door, but the flop came 9 8 6 giving Gordon the lead with a set. No Ace appeared on the last two streets and Gordon doubled up. Vitor was left very short.

On the next hand, Vitor moved in utg for 10k and both blinds called, then checked down the board trying to take him out. At the river, the board read T T 6 A J and Vitor showed J9 to take the pot, tripling up.

Mark Peluso got his last chips in holding AQ, only to run into Ilias Barkoutsis' pocket Queens. No help on the board for Mark and he finished 17th ($3,536).

Mark Peluso - 17th place

Adam Adler got his last chips in holding A6 and was dominated by Rob Saltiel's AK. The board came J 3 2 2 T and Rob took the pot. Adam took 16th and $3,536.

Adam Adler - 16th place

Event 20: 18th place - Crowder

$1500 + $150 NL

Keith Crowder was the first player to exit via the payout desk. He pocketed $3,536 for his 18th place finish.

Keith Crowder - 18th place

Alan Sternberg moved all-in for 116,500 from the middle and Gordon Eng looked him up from the small blind. Alan's AQ off was dominated by Gordon's AK suited, but the board came Q 9 2 5 J and Alan doubled up, leaving Gordon the short stack.

Jeremy Shor moved in for 79k and Sirous Jamshidi came over the top from the cutoff to the tune of 200k smooth. Everyone else got out and Sirous displayed his pocket Aces. Jeremy held the nut-crackers, 76 suited. The board came K J 6 9 7 and Jeremy doubled up with two pair.

17 players remain.

Event 20: Newton Neutered

$1500 + $150 NL

Blinds increased to 3k/6k with 500 antes. Play continued.

Jim Newton was short-stacked and made his last stand with KQ suited. Unfortunately he ran into Mark Peluso's pocket Jacks. The flop came J T 7 giving Mark a set, but Jim picked up some outs with an open-ender. The last two came 3 2, however, and Jim was busted on the bubble.

The final 18 have moved to two tables and are taking ten. In the money play will resume shortly.

Jim Newton - Bubble Boy

Event 21: The Field

$1000 +$90 NL (6 Max)

156 players is the unofficial number as tournament officials coordinate the final tally with the cage. The top prize will be around $46,000 with 18 players getting paid at least $2,200.

Level 5 (150/300/25 ante) underway.

Event 20: Hand-for-Hand

$1500 + $150 NL

Twice the short stacks have doubled. Jack Schanbacher hits a set with pocket 6s, doubling through Kalteux at table 1.

On table 3, Ilias Barkoutsis shoves all in for 92k on a board of 10 4 8. Rob Saltiel tanks and calls. Barkoutsis has A 10 vs. Saltiel's Q 10. Saltiel picks up a flush draw on the turn, but doesn't connect.

The two short stacks: Ted Geier (table 1) and James Newton (table 3) who are both around 50k.

Level 16 (3k/6k/500 ante) is underway.

Event 20: Stop, Bubble Time

$1500 + $150 NL

22nd - Vinny Pahjula (Hicksville, NY), A Q vs the 33 of Bob Kalteux for 45k.

21st - Mike Leah (Las Vegas, NV via Canada), when he shoves 70k with 5 5. Kalteux calls with K Q off after opening for 10k. Flop brings a king and Kalteux takes his stack to 350k.

20th - Dan Jiacopello (Egg Harbor, NJ), is all in for 60k with A 9 off vs A A of Will Heger. The case ace flops with a nine and Heger's gone.

Event 20: 22 Left

$1500 + $150 NL

Table three is down another man when Carl Restifo (Waretown, NJ) shoves 41k with A 8. Gordon Eng calls with JJ and the board runs clean. Restifo is out in 23rd place, while Eng takes his stack to 190k.

4 more eliminations until the money, the average stack is now 147k.

Event 20: Doubling with Quads

$1500 + $150 NL

Dan Jiacopello is all in for 66k with K Q vs the J J of Jeremy McLaughlin (Washington, D.C.). The flop brings the K, the turn brings the K and the river brings the K. Quad kings for Jiacopello and 130k, while the hand cripples McLaughlin to less than 15k before busing two hands later in 24th place.

Event 20: Bubble Watch

$1500 + $150 NL

The remaining 24 players are on break and Sirous Jamshidi has added to his chip lead and is up to 480k.

The short stacks are:

Vinny Pahuja 47k (Table 1)
Dan Jiacopello 48k (Table 2)
Mark Pelusso 62k (Table 3)
Ray Shackelford 64k (Table 3)

The average stack is 135k, as Level 15 (2k/4k/400 ante) is set to roll.

Event 20: 3 Down

$1500 + $150 NL

One player at each of the three remaining tables bust early on Day 2. Todd Rebello (Oak Bluffs, MA) is crippled by the two pairs (queens and nines) of Alan Sterberg and eliminated shortly there after.

Maurice Hawkins (Tamarac, FL) loses with pocket 10s when Ilias Barkoutsis' pocket 9s turns a set and rivers a boat. "The worst part," says Hawkins, "he prematurely exposed his hand so I knew I was ahead when I made the call."

Short stack Michael Huguenot (Pleasantville, NY) is also on the rail, as we're now 6 players from the money.

Event 21: Stragglers

$1000 +$90 NL (6 Max)

Other 6 Max Notables:

"Action" Bob Hwang
Will "The Thrill" Failla
James Boyle
Dave Zietlin

Event 20: Ted's Excellent Adventure

$1500 + $150 NL

Geier Grinding Along

One of the more unlikely players on the cusp of cashing in the $1500 is Ted Geier (Sunnyside, NY), who was down to 1900 chips early in the tournament.

"I was bleeding a lot of chips, but was able to pick up a hand," says Geier who doubled with pocket jacks and used the momentum to get himself off life support.

Geier's roller coaster day got him as high as 225k and ended Day 1 third in chips with 196,900. "I just need to keep playing my game," he says, adding, "I'm looking forward to another long day."

Level 14 (1,500/3k/400 ante) is underway.

Event 20: Back in Action

$1500 + $150 NL

Money Watch at Table 1

The final 27 players are in The Signature Room with the bubble looming. The top 18 cash for a minimum of $3,536 as they vie for the top prize of $72,599.

Chip leader Sirous Jamshidi (347,300) is at table 3 along with one of the short stacks Maurice Hawkins.

Table 1 features three of the five largest stacks, Ted Geier (3rd), Todd Rebello (4th) and Alan Sternberg (5th).

Robert Saltiel is second in chips and is at table 2 along with Keith Crowder, who's below the chip average of 120k. 8 players have 75k or less, as Michael Huguenot is the short stack with 19k.

Action resumes with 15 minutes left on Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300 ante).

Event 21: Who Dat?

$1000 +$90 NL (6 Max)

PLO Champion Anna Wroblewski

The early number is 140 players in the field.


Roy Winston
Dwyte Pilgrim
Charlie Hook
Matt Brady
Anna Wroblewski
Ryan Eriquezzo

Early Exit

On the third hand of the tournament, Sheree Bykofsky (1st hand played) flats a three bet from the SB with J 10♣.

The flop is J 9 7 with two hearts. Bykofsky leads out and is raised by Anthony Caruso (Medford, NJ). The button calls and Bykofsky shoves all-in. Caruso calls, while the button tank-folds.

Caruso has a set of 9s and Bykofsky needs a jack for a higher set or an 8 for the straight. The board goes brick, brick and Bykofsky is down to 100, while Caruso doubles his 15k starting stack.

Bykofsky is out two hands later after winning a hand with JJ, but busts with pocket 5s. "Oh well," she says with a good attitude, "it's a beautiful day, I'm not sure what I'm going to do."

Level 2 (50/100) is underway.

Event 21: 6 Packs

$1000 +$90 NL (6 Max)

Calm Before the Storm

The Signature Room is where the 6-handed tournament is being played. A strong field is expected, as this is the last event before the start of the Spring Open Championship and the guaranteed $1 million prize pool.

Players get 15k in chips, the blinds start at 25/50 and levels are 50 minutes long.

Cards are in the air!

Event 20: End of Day One Chip Counts

$1500 + $150 NL

At 2am, they called last hand and after the action ceased, started the chip bag & tag process. Play will resume at noon Saturday and players will get new table and seat assignments when they return.

Here are the chip counts:

Player - Chips
Sirous Jamshidi - 374,300
Rob Saltiel - 267,100
Ted Geier - 196,900
Todd Rebello - 185,700
Alan Sternberg - 173,600
William Heger - 163,800
Dan Jiacopello - 153,100
Gordon Eng - 151,100
Doug Rosen - 146,600
Adam Adler - 130,000
Ilias Barkoutsis - 112,000
Jeremy Shor - 109,800
Jeremy McLaughlin - 106,700
Jack Schanbacher - 101,200
Mike Leah - 92,700
Bob Kalteux - 90,000
Ben Klier - 87,900
Mark Peluso - 84,900
Keith Crowder - 83,900
Ray Shackelford - 75,700
Jim Newton - 71,800
Eric Siegel - 70,000
Vitor Coelho - 67,300
Maurice Hawkins - 66,100
Carl Restifo - 63,400
Vinny Pahuja - 49,000
Mike Huguenot - 19,300

Sirous Jamshidi - Chip Leader

Event 20: Myung Busted; 27 Left

$1500 + $150 NL

Jim Newton opened for 15k, then Ted Geier (button) kicked it up to 40k. Gordon Eng (sb) moved all-in for 58,500. Jim folded and Ted called, showing pocket 7s. Gordon held pocket Kings and was ahead. Then the board came K 9 2 2 Q and Gordon was waaaaayyyy ahead. He doubled up.

After Mike Leah opened for 5,500, John Myung shipped it for 26,300 on top. Mike called, showing A7. John held KQ and would need help to survive. He got none from the board, however, and was busted.

Mike 'GoLeafsGoEh' Leah

The fourth table was busted so there are now three tables of 9 players: 27 total remaining as the last minutes of the night tick away.

Event 20: DeLamos Dusted

$1500 + $150 NL

Peter DeLamos min-raised pre-flop and got called by Rob Saltiel. The flop came 6 4 2 and Peter bet. Rob called. Turn was an 8 and Peter shoved for 114k. Rob snap-called, showing 75 for the nut straight. Peter's pocket pair was drawing dead. They had to count down the stacks, but Rob had him covered. Peter headed for the exit.

28 players remain. 18 get paid. About half an hour left to play tonight.

Event 20: Action Resumes

$1500 + $150 NL

Level 13: Blinds 1,200/2,400 with 300 antes. 29 players are back in action.

They will play until 2am, then bag & tag for the night. Day two will begin at noon Saturday.

Event 20: Young Ousted; Taylor Tossed

$1500 + $150 NL

After Carl Restifo shoved from the button, Jason Young called from the big blind, showing pocket Queens. Carl held KQ and was dominated, but the flop came A A K and Carl took the lead. No help for Jason on the last two streets and Carl doubled up. Jason was left short.

Soon after Jason found himself all-in holding K7, only to run into pocket Jacks. The Jacks held up and Jason was busted.

Jason Young

On the river with a board of A 2 2 3 5, Joseph Taylor got all-in. Doug Rosen tanked for a couple of minutes, then called showing A9 for Aces-up. Joseph mucked his hand and walked away.

29 players remain.

End of level and players are taking ten.

Event 20: Quadzilla Sinks the Boat

$1500 + $150 NL

On a flop of J T 2, William Heger got all-in against Bob Kalteux. William's pocket Tens (middle set) were crushed by Bob's pocket Jacks (top set). But the turn delivered the one-outer case Ten, giving William quadzilla and sinking Bob's full boat. William doubled up.

Robert Scattergood and Alan Breece have busted out.

32 players remain.

Event 20: Gregg's a Goner; Dobrilovic Done

$1500 + $150 NL

Jason Young moved all-in utg for 24,500. Action folded to Tony Gregg in the big blind, who put his last ~7k in, showing AhTh. Jason held pocket 3s. The flop came 5h4d2h giving Jason an open-ended to go with his pair, but giving Tony a flush draw. Turn was an offsuit King and changed nothing. River was the Ac and at first Tony acted as if he had survived with a pair of Aces, but then Jason pointed out that he had made a wheel to claim the pot. Tony headed for the door.

Tom Dobrilovic has also busted out.

Tom Dobrilovic - Done

34 players remain.

Event 20: 50/50 Time

$1500 + $150 NL

They're down to 36 players at four tables. 18 players get paid. That means 50% of the remaining players will get paid and 50% of them will leave with nothing.

Goners: Bob Hwang and Ted Begley.

Action Bob Hwang - No Longer in Action

In an earlier hand, Tony Gregg raised, the button re-raised, Tony announced he was all-in (having the other player well covered) and got he call. Tony showed 52 of clubs (I kid you not). The button held AK off and it held up to double him up.

Now Tony has doubled up Mark Peluso, who held AJ on an Ace-high flop. Tony is running on fumes with less than 8k.

Event 20: Final Four (Tables)

$1500 + $150 NL

9 handed play continues at the final four tables.

Here's a look at the 36 remaining players

Table 1

1 Maurice Hawkins
2 Jack Schanbacher
3 Jeremy McLaughlin
4 Jim Newton
5 Alan Breece
6 Alan Sternberg
7 Ted Geier
9 Mike Leah
10 Gordon Eng

Table 2
1 Adam Adler
2 Mike Huguenot
3 Peter DeLamos
4 Rob Saltiel
5 Eric Siegel
6 Tom Dobrilovic
8 Dan Jiacopello
9 John Myung
10 Keith Crowder

Table 3
1 Ray Shakelford
2 Mark Peluso
3 Carl Restifo
4 Robert Scattergood
5 Tony Gregg
6 Jason Young
7 Vinny Pahuja
8 Ilias Barkoutsis
9 Todd Rebello

Table 4
1 Vitor Coelho
2 William Heger
3 Jeremy Shor
4 Miguel Borrero
5 Sirous Jamshidi
6 Ben Klier
7 Doug Rosen
8 Bob Kalteux
10 Joseph Taylor

The plan is to play until 2 am or 18 players whichever comes first