Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event 7: 9th Place - Patel

$400 + 50 (NL)

Raj Patel - $1,423

Raj Patel (Rocky Hill, CT) is out in 9th place when his A Q doesn't connect against John Iraj's pocket 6s hold.

"I played okay," says Patel who takes home $1,423. "What are you going to do?"

Event 8: Final Table Chip Counts

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Two players dusted off their chips before I got back to the far side of the room. The final ten player drew for seats and moved to a single table.

That meant it was bubble-time and one more player had to bust out to reach the moo-lah.

Here's the lineup:

Seat Player Hometown
1 Will McMahon Cedar Grove, NJ
2 Brent Keller Horsham, PA
3 Chris Reslock Atlantic City, NJ
4 Keith Janal
5 Barry Gassen Atlantic City, NJ
6 Mike Sheldon Abington, PA
7 Michael Falk Yardley, PA
8 Ryan Palmer New York
9 Anna Wroblewski Homeless
10 Al Ballerini Maywood, NJ

Play resumed with level 12, blinds 800/1,600.

On the river with a board of A 7 2 6 J, Anna bet 13,500 and Michael folded, leaving himself with just ~12k.

On the next hand, Will limped, Chris limped, then Mike raised to 7k. Michael put his last 12,100 all in. Will folded, Chris folded and Mike called the extra 5,100, showing AA82 (ss). Michael held T986 (ss). The board came Q 6 4 7 4 and Mike took the pot with Aces-up.

Michael Falk finished in 10th place, earning zip, zilch, nada.

The final nine players bagged their chips and headed home. They will return at 2pm Friday to continue play.

They will return to the same seats tomorrow. Here are their chips counts:

Seat Player Chips
1 Will McMahon 77,600
2 Brent Keller 50,300
3 Chris Reslock 30,400
4 Keith Janal 34,000
5 Barry Gassen 76,200
6 Mike Sheldon 115,600
7 (empty)
8 Ryan Palmer 22,200
9 Anna Wroblewski 54,200
10 Al Ballerini 31,700

Event 7: Final Table

$400 + 50 (NL)

After a blitz of 8 straight eliminations, the final table is set.


1. Robert Kalteux (Seminole, FL) 151k
2. Jim Arvesen (Lebanon, NJ) 55k
3. Jay Mensh (Ocean City, MD) 163k
4. Roonie Griffeth (Columbus, GA) 300k
5. Marcin Sobczak (Las Vegas, NV) 305k
6. Jay Hoffman (Arlington, VA) 31k
7. John Iraj (Garden City, NY) 78k
8. Joe Perfetti (Columbia, MD) 24k
9. Raj Patel (Rocky Hill, CT) 127k
10. Ryan Eriquezzo (New Haven, CT) 290k

Event 7: Arvesen Doubles

$400 + 50 (NL)

Jim Arvesen opened for 11k utg and Marcin Sobczak called in the middle. The flop came K J T with two clubs. Jim shoved his last 34,800 and Marcin called quickly showing AT of clubs for the flush draw and pair of Tens. Jim held KQ off for a pair of Kings and the lead. The last two cards came offsuit 5 7 and Jim doubled up.

Ryan Enriquezzo opened for 6,500 from the hijack. Robert Kalteux called from the cutoff; Jim
Arvesen called from the button and Roonie Griffeth called from the big blind. The flop came 6 3 2 with two spades. All players checked and the turn was another 6. Roonie bet 20k. Ryan called and the other two players folded. River was the 4 of spades. Roonie checked. After some thought, Ryan bet 49k. Roonie gave it a few moments of thought, then called, showing pocket 5s for the straight. Ryan showed 95 of spades for the flush to take the pot.

The level ended and play continued into Level 14, blinds 2k/4k with 400 antes.

Event 7: 10th Place - Perfetti

$400 + 50 (NL)

Joe Perfetti - $1,233

On second hand of 10-handed play, Joe Perfetti (Columbia, MD) makes an all-in shove from the SB for 17k. Raj Patel makes the call and has Perfetti covered.

Perfetti: K 9
Patel: Q J

The flop has two jacks, giving Patel trip jacks. The turn gives Perfetti a flush draw, but when the river bricks he's out in 10th place.

Event 7: Bust Outs = Ca$h

$400 + 50 (NL)

11. Amy Lutz (Villanova, PA) $1,233
12. Jose Gatmaitan IV (Philadelphia, PA) $1,233
13. Jesse Alexis Cohen (Ardmore, PA) $1,075
14. Richard Austin (Lansdale, PA) $1,075
15. Marc Davis (Orlando, FL) $1,075
16. Michael Slaven (Bensalem, PA) $949
17. Ronald Sessinger (West Chester, PA) $949
18. Michael Mason (Collingswood, NJ) $949

Event 8: An Even Dozen

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Playing in Level 10, Blinds 500/1,000:

On a flop of J 7 2 rainbow, Mike Sheldon fired 8k. Seat 9 called all-in for 7,700 and then "KJ" in seat 1 asked what he could raise to, if he wanted to raise. After the dealer counted it up, KJ opted to bet the pot, which forced Mike out.

Seat 9 was holding AA66 single-suited for a pair of Aces. KJ held KQJ2 single-suited for two pair and the lead. The last two came 4 2 giving KJ deuces-full and the pot. The player in seat 9 was busted in 14th place.

Over on the other table, seat 2 raised the pot and action folded to Anna Wroblewski, who re-raised the pot, which was enough to cover her opponent. Seat 2 committed the last of his chips showing KKT4 (ss). Anna tabled AAJ2 (ss). The board came T 8 4 7 7 giving Anna Aces-up and the pot. Another player hit the rail.

Brent Keller

Brent Keller lost most of his chips in an earlier hand where he had a short-stack all-in. Brent held Aces-up and the nut flush draw on the turn and seemed to have a lock on the hand, but his opponent caught the offsuit card he needed for his straight wrap and doubled up.

Brent raised to 3,500, having just 5,900 left behind. Another player re-potted and Brent put the last of his chips in holding AT87 (ss). His opponent held AKJ5 (ss). The board came 7 6 3 3 8 and Brent made two pair to double up. He's now back to about 20k.

Twelve players remain. Only 9 get paid.

Event 8: 16 Players Remain

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

16 players remain in this event. Only the final 9 will get paid.

Mike Sheldon - chip leader

It appears that Mike Sheldon is the current chip leader with about 70k in chips. With 480,000 chips in play, the average is currently about 30,000.

Chris Reslock and Anna Wroblewski are still in action.

They're currently in level 9 with 400/800 blinds.

Event 7: Bubble Breaks/Pay Outs

$400 + 50 (NL)

The 163 players who started this tournament are down to 18, as all those remaining cash.

Gordon Eng isn't quite the bubble boy, but he's out in 20th place when his pocket aces are busted by pocket 10s. "He hit a set," says a disappointed Eng, "pretty standard."


1 $19,479
2 $10,751
3 $6,008
4 $4,427
5 $3,795
6 $3,162
7 $2,530
8 $1898
9 $1,423
10-12 $1,233
13-15 $1,075
16-18 $949

Event 6: Champion - Shakerian

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Adel Shakerian - 1st place

The ever-increasing blinds proved too much and the last two fell in quick succession. Adel Shakerian ended up with all the chips and the shiny new trophy, not to mention $13,489.

Marc Matz - 2nd place

Marc Matz finished second, taking home $7,445.

Gloria Lorusso - 3rd place

The last woman sitting, Gloria Lorusso, finished third, earning $4,160.

Event 6: 4th Place - Mitchell

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Here are some chip estimates as of the break:

Marc Matz - 400k
Adel Shakerian - 270k
Gloria Lorusso - 250k
Arthur Mitchell - 90k

Play resumed with blinds of 10k/20k and limits of 20k/40k.

Arthur Mitchell

Arthur folded on the river with a board of T 9 7 4 Q (no low, no suit) when Adel bet, leaving himself with only ~40k.

He was then all-in with action from Gloria and Marc, who checked to the river. Gloria bet the river and Marc called. They chopped the side pot. Arthur chopped the main pot with Marc.

Arthur folded his big blind to Marc's raise, then put his last chips in from the small blind on the next hand. He and Marc split the pot.

Arthur got all-in from the button against Adel, who held K932 (ds). Arthur held J732 (ss). The board came Q T 4 J 5 (no suit) and Adel took the pot with a straight.

Arthur Mitchell finished fourth, earning $3,065.

Event 4: Champion - Mizzi

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Klodnick Runner-Up

Sorel Mizzi - $170,313

After three long days of play, Sorel Mizzi (Toronto, ON, Canada) wins the East Coast Championship event by defeating Chris Klodnicki (Vorhees, NJ) heads-up. On the final hand, all the money gets in on the river and Mizzi tables two pairs with 73♣.

"This is great. I played really well and am happy to survive," says Mizzi who takes home $170,313 for first place. "This was a tough, tough field."

Mizzi also gets a crystal trophy and a gold bracelet.

Klodnicki's deep run in this deep field has him feeling good, despite a second place finish. "It's some of the best poker I've ever played in a big tournament," says Klodnicki, who's bankroll increases $92,456 for finishing second.

"It was a small field, but a tough field, the toughest I've played," adds Klodnicki. "There weren't too many soft spots."

For Mizzi, this was his first time in Atlantic City and he'll definitely be back. "This was a great structure, giving you a lot of room to play."

Klodnicki agrees, "I had more than 100 big blinds most of the tournament. There was a lot of post flop play, which helped me out a lot."

The first East Coast Championship is in the books and you can look for many of the players returning for the Championship Event, which is a $1 Million Guarantee.

Chris Klodnicki - $92,456

Event 6: Still Four Players

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

The final four are still doing battle on the felt, but the leaders have changed.

Adel Shakerian raised to 32k and Gloria Lorusso raised all-in for 42k from the button. She held ATT3 against Adel's A983. The board came Q 7 6 T 7 (no low) and Gloria scooped with Tens-full.

Adel raised from the button, Gloria called from the small blind, and Arthur Mitchell called from the big. Tge flop was T 9 6 with two diamonds. Gloria bet, Arthur called and Adel folded. Turn was an offsuit 2 and again Gloria bet, Arthur called. River was the 3 of diamonds and Gloria put her last 12k in. Arthur called showing 95xx of diamonds for the flush, but Gloria held A2xx of diamonds for the higher flush to scoop another pot.

Arthur managed to get all-in against Marc Matz and Gloria, who checked it down once all Arthur's chips were in. Arthur took the high and Gloria took the low.

Another level ended and the final four took ten, then returned to the felt.

Event 4: 3rd Place - Peters

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Dave Peters - $58,393

Dave Peters (Toledo, OH) runs pocket 5s into Sorel Mizzi's pocket jacks and doesn't get any help to finish in third place of the East Coast Championship. "I'm disappointed," says Peters who began the day as the chip leader. "I wasn't able to pick up any big hands, couldn't hit the board and missed my draws."

The final hand has Chris Klodnicki leading out for 20k, Peters shoves for 320k and Mizzi flat calls behind. Klodnicki folds and Peters sees he's an 80-2o dog.

When the board bricks out, Peters is eliminated and takes home $58,393.

Klodnicki (777,000 chips) and Mizzi (1.2 million) are now heads up.

Event 6: 5th Place - Abrams

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Play continued into the next level with blinds of 8k/16k and limits of 16k/32k.

Gloria Lorusso got all-in against Marc Matz and chopped the pot.

Jeffrey Abrams - 5th place

Jeffrey Abrams then got involved in a pot against Arthur Mitchell. The final board was K 7 6 4 3 and Jeffrey tabled 9752 for the 7-high straight and 65-low. Arthur held AJ54 for the same straight and a lower low to take 3/4 of the pot. Jeffrey had to settle for 1/4 of the pot and was left with about 50k.

He got all-in soon after in a 3-way pot with Arthur and Adel Shakerian. The final board was A J 7 7 K (no low) and Adel held A K 9 8 for Aces-up. Both Arthur and Jeffrey mucked and Adel scooped the pot.

Jeffrey Abrams finished in 5th place, earning $2,628.

Event 6: 6th place - O'Halloran

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Larry O'Halloran - 6th place

On the last hand before break, Larry O'Halloran got all-in and ran out of luck. He finished 6th for $2,190.

The final five took off for ten minutes, so I got some rough chip counts:

Arthur Mitchell 390k
Jeffrey Abrams 295k
Adel Shakerian 170k
Marc Matz 88k
Gloria Lorusso 54k

They're back from break and back in action with blinds of 6k/12k and limits of 12k/24k.

Event 8: Omaha Chip Leader & Payout List

Event #8 - $350 Buy-In + $50 PLO High (Day 1)

Chipleader Mike Shelden

Event #8 is down to three tables, 25 players.

We're at Level 6. Blinds are 150 / 300. Call 300. Or Make It 600 to 1050.

Average stack is 19,200.

Your chip leader looks like Mike Shelden (Dresher, PA) with 60,000.

Chris Reslock is right up there with 45,000.

A master at omaha, Chris Reslock took first in Pot Limit last Jan. 27th, 2010 during the Borgata Winter Poker Open.


(Total Prize Money - $20,370)

1. $7,130
2. $3,870
3. $2,444
4. $1,833
5. $1,426
6. $1,222
7. $1,019
8. $ 815
9. $ 611

Event 4: Chip Counts

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Three-handed play has been very patient. They decided to take a 30-minute break at the end of the level. Here are the approximate chip counts:

Chris Klodnicki 690k
Sorel Mizzi 675k
David Peters 397k

Play will resume at about 6:50pm.

Event 6: 8th - Hofer; 7th - Xu

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Daniel Hofer - 8th place

On the turn with the board showing T944 Daniel Hofer bet (20k) leaving himself just 3k behind. Arthur Mitchell raised to make him commit those last chips, which he did. Daniel held AAJ5 for Aces-up with a diamond draw. Arthur held AKJ9 double-suited (hearts & clubs) for 9s-up with a gutshot. It appeared Daniel was headed for a double-up, but a 9 landed on the river giving Arthur trips and the scoop.

Daniel Hofer finished in 8th place, earning $1,314.

Jiaqi Xu - 7th place

While I was posting Daniel's departure, Jiaqi Xu was also eliminated. He finished 7th for $1,752.

Event 7 - 40 Players Left At Level 9

Event #7 - $400 Buy-In + $50 NLH

Jason Young "Kneads" More Chips

Poker Players International Elite player Jason Young receives massage from therapist.

Jason's got some stack building to do if he wants to catch up to Raj Patel who is sitting on a monster wall of chips at the same table.

Down to forty players in the tournament.

Level 9: Blinds - 500/1000. Antes - 100.

Sidenote: Notable Borgata regular Nick Frangos just busted out.

Event 6: 9th Place - Schiffman

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Ron Schiffman - 9th place

Late-arriving Ron Schiffman made it all the way to the final table, but ran out of steam (and chips) in a pot with Jeffrey Abrams. At the river, Ron could only come up with a pair of 7s, but Jeffrey made a flush, flushing Ron out of this event in 9th place. He takes home $985 for his efforts.

Event 6: Xu Doubles; Strumlak Bubbles

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Play resumed from break with 4k/8k blinds, 8k/16k limits.

Jiaqi Xh raised and Marc Matz called. Flop came 9 5 5 with two hearts. Xu bet, Marc called. Turn was and offsuit 4. Again Xu bet and again Marc called. River was an offsuit Ten, nullifying the low. Xu bet his last 15k and Marc called with some hesitation. Xu sheepishly said "four" and rolled over 7432 double-suited for a pair of fours. Marc mucked and Xu doubled up.

Edward Strumlak - 10th place

Edward Strumlak got his last chips in against Adel Shakerian and was not so lucky. He finished in 10th place, earning $854, bubbling the official final table of nine players.

The final 9 got back to business and following a raise from Xu, Gloria Lorusso four-bet her last chips, showing AAKQ double-suited (diamonds and clubs). Xu held AT62 single-suited (spades). The board rolled out K J 6 8 J and Gloria scooped the pot with Aces-up.

Nine-handed play continues.

Event 4: Taha Maruf Finishes Fourth

Event #4 - $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship No Limit Hold-Em

Taha Maruf - Fourth Place - $43,795

Taha Maruf shoves his 80,000 short stack four handed and Chris Klodnicki wakes up to A-K in the big blind. Taha's A-8 doesn't hit and he exits in fourth place.

Taha will add $43,795 to his bankroll for the fourth place finish.

It's been a profitable Spring Poker Open for Taha.

Remember he also finished 8th in Event #1 Deepstack for $16,192.

And thanks Taha for representing Borgata with your Borgata Poker cap!

Event 6: Chip Counts

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

The final ten players are enjoying a break while the staff colors up the purple 500 chips. Here are some approximate chip counts:

Arthur Mitchell 204k
Marc Matz 173k
Adel Shakerian 150k
Jeffrey Abrams 136k
Daniel Hofer 112k
Larry O'Halloran 92k
Jiaqi Xu 55k
Gloria Lorusso 49k
Edward Strumlak 32k
Ron Schiffman 27k

Event 4: Borrero's Tens Cracked By Nines - 5th Place

Event 4 - $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship - No Limit Hold'Em

Miguel Borrero - 5th Place - $34,063

Miguel Borrero has been riding the short stack brilliantly almost the entire tournament. He survived many all in's except of course this last one.

Miguel ships the short stack all-in with 10-10 up against Chris Klodnicki's 9-9.

A nine-ball in the window causes Miguel to stand and shout "You Gotta Be Kidding Me!" as he's all but certain of his fate. His entourage of friends were also disappointed.

A ten doesn't hit and Borrero's Day comes to an end.

Fifth Place for Miguel earns him $34,063.

Event 4: Chip Count Updates For Final Five

Final Five For Event Four

Event 4 - Unofficial Chip Counts

We're back from a fifteen minute break.

Blinds are 3000 / 6000 with 500 antes.

Miquel Borrero 121,500
Dave Peters 355,500
Taha Maruf 118,000
Sorel Mizzi 740,000
Chris Klodnicki 542,000

Crowd of spectators gather to watch the final table excitement in the back right Borgata poker room.

Event 6: Final Table!

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

On a flop of 7 7 5, Ron Schiffman got his last chips in against Marc Matz. When they tabled their hands, Ron's 7654 for the flopped full house had Marc drawing dead. Ron doubled up.

Ron told me he arrived late due to having to take care of his taxes. He later said he would have to win 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd places in this tournament to cover his tax bill (not sure if he was joking or not!).

Sidney Gilpatrick was eliminated in 12th place, taking home $854.

Daniel Spear got his last chips in on a flop of 6 5 3 holding ATT8 (pair of Tens with 86-low). Unfortunately his opponent held AJ54 for a better 65-low and an Ace on the river gave him a pair of Aces for a better high.

Daniel left with 11th place and $854.

The final ten players drew seats and moved to a single table. Here's the lineup:

Seat Player Hometown
1 Gloria Lorusso Brigantine, NJ
2 Larry O'Halloran Colonia, NJ
3 Ron Schiffman Cherry Hill, NJ
4 Arthur Mitchell Pasadena, TX
5 Jeffrey Abrams Manalapan, NJ
6 Jiaqi Xu Columbia, MD
7 Marc Matz King of Prussia, PA
8 Daniel Hofer Ossining, NY
9 Edward Strumlak Bellmawr, NJ
10 Adel Shakerian Falls Church, VA

The level has also changed. They are now playing 3k/6k blinds with 6k/12k limits.

Event 6: Two More Gone

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Blinds increased to 2,500/5,000 with 5k/10k limits. Play continued.

Jeffrey Leone

Jeffrey Leone claimed 14th place and $745.

John Herman (East Hampton, NY) was busted in 13th place, also taking home $745.

Twelve players remain and the next three to go will each earn $854.

Event 4: Quad Kings Kill Collins

Event 4 - $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship No Limit Hold'Em

Philip Collins - 6th place - $29,196

A sick hand and exit for Philip Collins who took the blow with class.

It gets all in pre-flop. Phil is up against bigger stack Chris Klodnicki.

Phil tables A-A and Chris has A-K of clubs.

K-J-9 on the flop followed by runner runner kings.

Quads kings kill Collins' tournament life.

"Sorry man" said Klodnicki. Followed by - "nice hand" from Phil.

Phil will collect $29,196 for his sixth place finish.

Parting words, "I'm apathetic".

Event 4: Blackman Bows Out In 7th for $24,330

Event #4 - $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship No Limit Hold'Em

Scott Blackman - 7th place - $24,330

Scott Blackman calls the shove of David Peters pre-flop.

It's Blackman's A-10 diamonds vs. Peter's pocket sevens. No ace hits, no ten, no diamonds and a seven spikes the river.

Scott will collect $24,330 for his 7th place finish.

Event 6: First Payouts

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

John Yeager was the first player to bust out of this event. Poker saved his life, as we posted yesterday. Today, Poker is making him some money. $657, to be exact.

Arthur Viggiano was next to go in 17th place and local poker dealer Edward Mehnert took 16th place. They each will take home $657.

Paul Hyman went out in 15th place. He was rewarded with $745.

14 players remain and they're currently taking a break. Adel Shakerian and Marc Matz are both approaching 200k in chips and it is too close to call a chip leader at this point.

Event 4: Chip Counts

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Another level done and the final 7 are taking a break. Here are some rough chip counts:

Sorel Mizzi 650k
Chris Klodnicki 478k
David Peters 300k
Taha Maruf 170k
Philip Collins 107k
Scott Blackman 90k
Miguel Borrero 90k

Ev ent 8: Table Five Having Fun!

Event 8: $350 Buy In + $50 Pot Limit Omaha High

Anna Wroblewski

Anna Wroblewski (from "all over") is chatting it up with all the men at table five including Hank Harkins (Wilmington, DE). Everyone is having a great time - joking and laughing and taking friendly shots at each other.

Hank has been coming to Borgata five or six years. He's a retired disabled veteran and says Borgata runs great tournaments. He's also friends with VP Joe Biden.

Anna told me she loves PLO because she loves to gamble. "Everyone knows that about me already" said Anna.

Event 6: In The Money!

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Ron Shiffman has finally appeared to play. Apparently he was delayed taking care of tax business, today being April 15th.

Benjamin Vogel (New York, NY) and Jordan Diamond (Morganville, NJ) have both busted out, which means 18 players remain and all are in the money!

Event 7 Heavyweights Raj Patel & Jason Young

WPT Winner Raj Patel

Borgata poker celebrity and WPT Winner Raj Patel is riding a big stack with 47,000 in Event 7.

However, WSOP bracelet winner Jason Young has 50,000.

We're in Level 6: 200 / 400 blinds with a 50 ante.

Event 6: Blinds Up, Still 20 Players

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Another level has ended and the new level features blinds of 2k/4k, limits of 4k/8k.

Although 20 players are still with chips, only 19 are playing. Ron Schiffman has yet to appear today. He had 61,500 chips left from day one and is being blinded off.

Event 4: USCphildo Doubles Up

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Philip 'USCphildo' Collins open-shoved his last 59,500 up front and action folded around to Sorel Mizzi, who made the call. Philip held pocket 7s and was in the typical race situation against Sorel's AJ offsuit.

The flop was good for Phil as it came 8 5 2, leaving his pair in the lead, but then an Ace hit the turn, giving Sorel the lead with a pair of Aces. Everyone groaned when the river delivered the 2-outer 7, giving Philip a set and the double-up to stay alive.

Event 6: 20 Players Remain

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Menachem Rosenberg (Atlantic City, NJ) was the first player to hit the bricks today.

Jaime Kaigh

Jaime Kaigh (Voorhees, NJ) got his last chips in with Aces, but Marc Matz caught a flush to crack the pocket rockets. Jaime was the second player to report to the rail.

20 players remain at two tables here in the back of the Poker Room at Borgata. Two more must leave with nothing as only 18 will get paid.

2pm Events Up And Running

Event #8 - $350 Buy-In + $50 Entry Pot Limit Omaha High

Day 1 of this two day event is up and running in Borgata Poker Room. Play began at 2pm.

So far over fifty players joined the field. They're still trickling in with 2 levels to still sign up.

Level 1 blinds are 25/25 with action betting on $50 to $100.

Event #6 - $350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8 B is also seeing action in Borgata Poker Room.

Day 2 of Event 6 has John Herman (East Hampton, NY) in the lead with $96,500 chips.

Event 4 Chip Counts

Earlier Today - Crowds Watch Final Table

Event 4: $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship

Down to 7. Here are the totals.

Miquel Borrero 135,000
Philip Collings 70,000
David Peters 340,000
Taha Maruf 200,000
Scott Blackman 50,000
Sorel Jay Mizzi 530,000
Chris Klodnicki 530,000

Blinds are 2000 / 4000 with 400 antes.

Event 4: 8th Place - Gavin Smith

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Gavin Smith - 8th place

Gavin Smith raised from the cutoff, only to have Chris Klodnicki (bb) come over the top enough to cover him. Gavin obliged by putting the last of his chips in the pot. Chris held pocket Jacks and was crushing Gavin's pocket 8s. The board ran dry for Gavin and we was dispatched in 8th place, earning $19,464.

Event 4: Blackman Wins Some & Loses Some

Event 4 - $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship

Event 4 is taking a brief break!

Hand 1: Scott Blackman's pocket aces hold up against Philip Collin's pocket jacks on a board of 3-10-10-5-9.

Phil loses the 300,000 pot but was not covered by Blackman. Both got it all in on the flop.

Hand 2: Chris Klodnicki's pocket aces hold up against Scott Blackman's A-K of spades.

$226,500 is stacked by the dealer then Gavin pushes everything towards Chris, toppling the stacks into one giant mess.

Gavin - "He deserves the extra work having pocket aces" guffaws Gavin.

Event 4: Boom! Keep It Clean!

Miquel Borrero Double's Up

Miguel Borrero has A-10 of diamonds and is all in against Sorel's K-K. He hits an ace on the flop then stands and shouts, "Boom! Keep it Clean! Keep it Clean!"

The dealer obliges as a jack and another ace finishes out the hand. Miguel scores the needed double up and is now at 160,000.

Event 4: Markholt's AA Don't Hold - Out in 9th

Lee Markholt - 9th place - $14,598

Event 4: $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship

Lee Markholt goes out in 9th place for $14,598.

On a draw heavy board I approached the felt to see Lee lead out 26,000 on the turn into a 100k plus pot. Much larger stack Sorel thinks, possibly posturing, then calls.

9 7 5

The river is the 8
. Lee checks and Sorel pushes all in.

Lee tanks. He struggles knowing his entire tournament might be over if he makes the wrong call. "Are you bluffing Mizz? Sorel Mizzi remains stoic.

Lee calls. He tables pocket aces but Sorel shows 6
7 for the straight and the pot.

Event 4: East Coast Championship Final Table

Your Final Table

Event 4 - $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship final table is underway.

The day 3 table is located in the back of Borgata Poker Room.

Here is your table seating and chip counts. Chip Leader is David Peters with 419,500 chips.

Level 13: Blinds 1200 / 2400. Antes 300.

Seat 1 Miguel Borrero 112,200
Seat 2 Philp Collins 180,900
Seat 3 David Peters 419,500
Seat 4 Taha Maruf 137,300
Seat 5 Gavin Smith 123,300
Seat 6 Lee Markhold 101,200
Seat 7 Scott Blackman 166,500
Seat 8 Sorel Jay Mizzi 383,100
Seat 9 Christoph Klodnicki 277,300

Gavin Smith is in a great mood after cutting Sorel Jay for a $100 high card.

Gavin's 8 of hearts beats Sorel Jay's 2 clubs. Gavin reminded us that the 2 is the worst card in the deck. The c-note is 2.5 revenge for Gavin from yesterdays $40 Gavin Bucks bet loss.

Event 6: $350 + $50 Omaha H/L day 2 at 2PM

Event 6: $350 + $50 Omaha H/L day 2.

Twenty-two remaining players will play in the Poker Room at 2pm to conclude their tournament.

Chip leader is John Herman (East Hampton, NY) with $96,500.

Second in chips is Jeffrey Abrams (Manalapan, NJ) with $81,000.

3. Marc Matz 77,000
4. Adel Shakerian 77,000
5. Gloria Lorusso 65,000
6. Ron Schiffman 61,500
7. Laurence Ohalloran 61,000
8. Jiaqi Xu 60,500
9. Daniel Hofer 58,500
10. Edward Strumlak 54,000
11. Edward Mehnert 53,500
12. Sidney Gilpatrick 49,500
13. Daniel Spear 41,500
14. Paul Hyman 37,000
15. Arthur Viggiano 37,000
16. Jamie Kaigh 27,500
17. Benjamin Yogel 25,000
18. Jeffrey Leone 20,000
19. John Yaeger 14,000
20. Jordan Diamond 13,500
21. Arthur Mitchell 12,000
22. Menachem Rosenberg 11,000

Event 7: Underway With Famous Film Editor In The House

Film Editor Ron Vitello

Event #7 - $400 Buy-In + $50 Entry
No Limit Hold'em

Event 7 has started in Borgata Poker Room.

Sixteen total tables so far - five in the back room.

Others of course are still staggering in.

We started with 10,000 chips.

Blinds are 25 / 50.

Motion picture film editor Ronald Vitello (New York, NY) says at 70 years old he's having a lot of fun playing with all these young guys.

"This guy's got a lot of stories to tell" quipped the player to Ron's right.



11AM: $400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 40 minutes
  • 1-day event

2PM: $350 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha High

  • 8,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 40 minutes
  • 2-day event


  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes
  • Approximately one (1) in every ten (10) players will win $1,500 CASH
  • 1-day event

7PM: $150 + $30 No Limit Hold'em

  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes
  • 1-day event

Register for all Borgata Spring Poker Open events in the Poker Room.

All events today are in the Poker Room.

EVENT 5: $200 + $30 NLH

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2010
$200 + $30 No Limit Hold'em
April 14

Entries: 682 Total Buy-In: $136,400

15. DANIEL CHAN (NEW YORK, NY): $1,257
57. NIMA NILI (NEW YORK, NY): $344


Event 5: Champion - Vazquez

$50,000 Guarantee
$200 + $30 (NL)

By the time I made it back to the rear of the Poker Room it was all over but the celebration.

Josh Vazquez had 2.3 million chips last time I was there and his closest competitor held 1.6 million. Now Josh was sitting behind all the chips and a shiny new trophy! Oh yeah, he also gets $36,702.

Josh Vazquez - 1st place

Rich Koch - 2nd place - $19,846

Carlo Russo-Alesi - 3rd place - $10,253

Ryan Ortiz - 4th place - $8,931

Yevgeny Gans - 5th place - $7,608

Thomas Ferraro - 6th place - $6,285

Mark Dikker - 7th place - $4,962

Tung Trinh - 8th place - $3,638

Event 6: Done for the Night

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Twenty-three players return to The Signature Room at 2 pm Thursday to play for the title.

John Herman (Long Island, NY) is the chip leader heading into Day 2 play.

Unofficial Chip Counts:


1. John Herman 96,500
2. Jeff Abrams 81,000
3. Adel Shakerian 77,300
4. Marc Matz 77,000
5. Gloria LeRusso 65,000
6. Ron "Shifty" Schiffman 61,500
7. Larry O'Halloran 61,000
8. Xu Jiaqi 60,500
9. Ed Strumlak 54,000
10. Ed Mehnert 53,500

The full list will be posted after 10 am.

Event 4: Dave Peters

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Event 5: 9th Place - Luo

$50,000 Guarantee
$200 + $30 (NL)

Ming Kuang Luo - 9th place

Playing 15k/30k blinds with 4k antes:

Ming Kuang Luo moved all-in, then Carlo Russo-Alesi moved all-in. Everyone else dove for cover and Ming tabled A6 off. Carlo held pocket 9s and the lead. The board came Q 8 4 3 8 and Carlo's pair was good to take the pot. He doubled up to ~700k.

A couple of hands later, Ming opened for 105k and Mark Dikker moved in from the small blind. Ming called all-in, showing pocket 2s. Mark held pocket Tens. The board came K Q 5 4 4 and Mark's pair held. Ming was busted in 9th place, earning $2,646.

Tung Trinh got his last 281k all in against Yevgeny Gans. Tung's KQ off was badly dominated by Yevgeny's AK off, but a Queen hit the flop. The board ran out Q T 6 2 K and Tung doubled up with two pair.

Event 5: Final Table

$50,000 Guarantee
$200 + $30 (NL)

They've reached the final nine players over in the Borgata Poker Room.

Seat Player Hometown
1 Carlo Russo-Alessi Atlantic City, NJ
2 Mark Dikker Morganville, NJ
3 Thomas Ferraro Staten Island, NY
4 Rick Koch Burlington, NJ
5 Yevgeny Gans Albany, NY
6 Josh Vazquez Yonkers, NY
7 Ming Kuang Luo Springfield, VA
8 Ryan Ortiz Pine Hill, NJ
9 Tung Trinh Fairfax, VA

Event 6: Reslock Clocked Out

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Chris Reslock

Only two players busted out during the previous level and the second one was Chris Reslock. He had his last chips in on a flop of K 4 2 rainbow against three opponents. Turn was a Ten and Adel Shakerian (Falls Church, VA) bet, getting called by both other players. River was a Jack, nullifying the low, and again Adel fired. Both opponents dropped out. Adel collected the side pot and showed KJxx for top two pair. Chris studied his cards, but couldn't find a way out. He held 8763 and missed everything.

28 players are taking a 15 minute break as they color up the black 100 chips.

Event 4: Top & Bottom

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Peters Hoping to Pick a Championship

Dave Peters (Toledo, OH) and Miguel Borrero (Jersey City, NJ) are at opposite ends of the spectrum heading into the East Coast Championship final table. Peters is the chip leader with 419,500, while Borrero survived the bubble and is 8th out of 9 players with 112,000.

"It feels pretty good," says Peters. "It's a pretty tough field, but today (Wednesday) went pretty well." Peters' big play came midway through Day 2 when he took a 100k+ pot preflop against Scott Blackman (Egg Harbor Twp., NJ).

The hand helped propel Peters to the final table saying, "maybe play will loosen up a little more tomorrow (Thursday) now that no one's worried about cashing."

As for Borrero, he fought tooth and nail to hit the money, starting the day 38th out of 39 players. "I'm Cinderella," says Borrero, who returned for Day 2 with just 7,500. "Nobody gave me a chance, but I told everyone I was going to make the final table."

Other notables in the money include Gavin Smith (Las Vegas, NV) and Taha Maruf (Motijeeh, India). Smith began the day as the chip leader, but is going in the wrong direction with 123,300, 5k less than where he started. Maruf entered the tournament late after finishing 8th in Event 1 (Deep Stack).

The rest of the field is Philip Collins, Sorel Jay Mizzi, Chris Klodnicki and Lee Markholt. Play resumes Thursday at noon with the continuation of Level 13 (1,200/2,400/300 ante).

The average stack is 207k as the remaining players battle for the top prize of $170,313 and are guaranteed at least $14,598.

Borrero Burrows Along

"Poker Saved My Life"

John Yeager

That's literally the truth, spoken by John Yaeger. He's playing in Event 6, the $350 Omaha Hi/Lo event, and told me how poker saved his life:

On March 4th, 2006, he decided to go play poker rather than staying home. As he was walking into the casino, his home burned to the ground. He would have been killed if he had been at home.

"Poker saved my life." That's a powerful statement. John's doing well with about an average stack at this point in event 6.

Event 4: Final Table Seating

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Seat-Name-Chip Count

1. Miguel Borrero 112,000
2. Philip Collins 139,800
3. Dave Peters 419,500
4. Taha Maruf 137,300
5. Gavin Smith 123,300
6. Lee Markholt 101,200
7. Scott Blackman 166,500
8. Sorel Jay Mizzi 383,100
9. Chris Klodnicki 277,300

Event 6: Level Up

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

The final 30 players are back in action with level 30, blinds 800/1,600, limits 1,600/3,200.

Twelve more players must go to reach the money. That will also signal the end of play for the day (or 2am, whichever comes first).

Players began with 8,000 chips so the total chips in play is 1,032,000. Average stack is 34,400.