Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event 6: 5th Place - Abrams

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Play continued into the next level with blinds of 8k/16k and limits of 16k/32k.

Gloria Lorusso got all-in against Marc Matz and chopped the pot.

Jeffrey Abrams - 5th place

Jeffrey Abrams then got involved in a pot against Arthur Mitchell. The final board was K 7 6 4 3 and Jeffrey tabled 9752 for the 7-high straight and 65-low. Arthur held AJ54 for the same straight and a lower low to take 3/4 of the pot. Jeffrey had to settle for 1/4 of the pot and was left with about 50k.

He got all-in soon after in a 3-way pot with Arthur and Adel Shakerian. The final board was A J 7 7 K (no low) and Adel held A K 9 8 for Aces-up. Both Arthur and Jeffrey mucked and Adel scooped the pot.

Jeffrey Abrams finished in 5th place, earning $2,628.

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