Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event 4: Markholt's AA Don't Hold - Out in 9th

Lee Markholt - 9th place - $14,598

Event 4: $7200 + $300 East Coast Championship

Lee Markholt goes out in 9th place for $14,598.

On a draw heavy board I approached the felt to see Lee lead out 26,000 on the turn into a 100k plus pot. Much larger stack Sorel thinks, possibly posturing, then calls.

9 7 5

The river is the 8
. Lee checks and Sorel pushes all in.

Lee tanks. He struggles knowing his entire tournament might be over if he makes the wrong call. "Are you bluffing Mizz? Sorel Mizzi remains stoic.

Lee calls. He tables pocket aces but Sorel shows 6
7 for the straight and the pot.

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