Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event 8: Final Table Chip Counts

$350 Buy-In + $50
PLO High

Two players dusted off their chips before I got back to the far side of the room. The final ten player drew for seats and moved to a single table.

That meant it was bubble-time and one more player had to bust out to reach the moo-lah.

Here's the lineup:

Seat Player Hometown
1 Will McMahon Cedar Grove, NJ
2 Brent Keller Horsham, PA
3 Chris Reslock Atlantic City, NJ
4 Keith Janal
5 Barry Gassen Atlantic City, NJ
6 Mike Sheldon Abington, PA
7 Michael Falk Yardley, PA
8 Ryan Palmer New York
9 Anna Wroblewski Homeless
10 Al Ballerini Maywood, NJ

Play resumed with level 12, blinds 800/1,600.

On the river with a board of A 7 2 6 J, Anna bet 13,500 and Michael folded, leaving himself with just ~12k.

On the next hand, Will limped, Chris limped, then Mike raised to 7k. Michael put his last 12,100 all in. Will folded, Chris folded and Mike called the extra 5,100, showing AA82 (ss). Michael held T986 (ss). The board came Q 6 4 7 4 and Mike took the pot with Aces-up.

Michael Falk finished in 10th place, earning zip, zilch, nada.

The final nine players bagged their chips and headed home. They will return at 2pm Friday to continue play.

They will return to the same seats tomorrow. Here are their chips counts:

Seat Player Chips
1 Will McMahon 77,600
2 Brent Keller 50,300
3 Chris Reslock 30,400
4 Keith Janal 34,000
5 Barry Gassen 76,200
6 Mike Sheldon 115,600
7 (empty)
8 Ryan Palmer 22,200
9 Anna Wroblewski 54,200
10 Al Ballerini 31,700

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