Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event 4: 3rd Place - Peters

East Coast Championship
$7200 + $300 (NL)

Dave Peters - $58,393

Dave Peters (Toledo, OH) runs pocket 5s into Sorel Mizzi's pocket jacks and doesn't get any help to finish in third place of the East Coast Championship. "I'm disappointed," says Peters who began the day as the chip leader. "I wasn't able to pick up any big hands, couldn't hit the board and missed my draws."

The final hand has Chris Klodnicki leading out for 20k, Peters shoves for 320k and Mizzi flat calls behind. Klodnicki folds and Peters sees he's an 80-2o dog.

When the board bricks out, Peters is eliminated and takes home $58,393.

Klodnicki (777,000 chips) and Mizzi (1.2 million) are now heads up.

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