Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shut It Down

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

"Asian J"

Jason "Asian J" Min (East Meadow, NY) is the chip leader at the end of Day 3 play. Min has more than 1.4 million chips and is well above the 426k chip average.

27 players return 11 am Thursday to play for the $355,535 top prize.

Last Lady Dancing

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Roslyn Quarto - $6,130

Rosyln Quarto (Edison, NJ) is the last woman standing, but her run ends when she shoves 163k with A7 and loses to the AK of Igor Borukhov (Rego Park, NY).

Borukhov raises to 21K UTG and from the SB Quarto makes it 141 more. Borukhov snap calls and his hand holds, as Quarto takes home $6,130 for 28th place.

Table 4 is breaking and the final 27 players will play on three tables for the last two minutes of this level. The purple chips (500) are then going to be removed and players will bag and tag for the night.

Million Man March

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Sangho Yi - - $6,130

Jason "Asian J" Min seizes the chip lead after taking down several small pots and by eliminating Sangho Yi (Westbury, NY).

The action folds to Yi who shoves 108k from the button with AJ and Min makes the call with JJ. The board runs clean and Yi is out in 29th place, earning him $6,130.

Min is the first play to crack the 1,000,000 chip count.

Level 20 (4k/8k/500 ante) continues.

Three More Down

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Miller's Time is Over

Mike Meredith (Westfield, NJ) ships 170k to Jason Paster and is out in 32nd place.

Casey Peters (Brick, NJ) shoves his last 71k with A 10. Jason Min's pocket 8s hold and Peters finishes 31st.

Dan Hindni raises UTG and Ryan Miller (Annandale, NJ) ships 100k from the button. Hindin snap calls with KK vs KQ and Miller's on the rail in 30th place.

Meredith, Peters and Miller all earn $6,130.

29 players remain with an average stack of 396k.

Table 4 Gluttony

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

32 players remain with an average stack of 360k.

A look at the big stacks: (Unofficial)

Table 1

Seat 8: Greg Merson 560k

Table 2

Seat 5: Jason Min 820k

Table 3

Seat 8: Tim Ulmer 650k

Table 4

Seat 5: Dan Hindin 876k
Seat 8:Mike Somma 839k
Seat 9: Josh Smith 890k

Level 20 (4k/8k/500 ante) underway.

Dinner Time

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

The 32 remaining players are on a one hour dinner break. The plan is to play down to 27 before stopping play tonight.

Since the bubble, there's been a couple of monster hands. Michael Castaldo gets paid with quad 7s, but Sangho Yi can't milk anything out his flopped aces-full.

Chan 34th, Reynolds 33rd

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Feming Chan got his short-stack in with pocket 4s, only to run into the pocket Kings of Matthew Waxman. The Kings held up and Feming was dispatched in 34th place.

Feming Chan - 34th place

Stephen Reynolds opened for 13,500, got one caller, then Joshua Smith popped it to 43,500 from the small blind. Stephen then shipped it for over 300k. The caller got out of the way and Joshua snap-called, showing AQ suited. Stephen held A6 suited. Joshua was ahead the whole way, but a Queen on the turn sealed the deal. He collected the pot, stacking up to over 700k. Stephen took 33rd place.

Stephen Reynolds - 33rd place

Both of these players collected $6,130.

Deppe 36th, Paradis 35th

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Robert Deppe (Lima, OH) is the first player to cash in the Championship Event. Michael Somma, from the cutoff raises to 16k and Deppe, from the SB jams 170k with pocket twos. Somma makes the call and shows A K, the flop brings a king and the end to Deppe's day.

Deppe takes home $6,130, as does Maurice Paradis (Jewett City, CT), who busts in 35th place.

In the Nick of Time

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

While play was hand for hand (11 hands over 30 minutes) Nicholas Guagenti doubles again through Gregory Merson, one of the big stacks.

On a board of 2 6 7 A, Guagenti leads out on the turn and Merson calls. The turn is the 9 and Guagenti checks. Merson pushes all in and Guagenti snap calls with the nuts, showing a straight with 10 8.

Merson tables A K and ships 130k. Guagenti's slowly building his stack and has more than 400k after being one of the short stacks before the bubble.

Sharp Bursts Bubble

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Action folded to Michael Meredith in the small blind, who put in a small raise. Tim Ulmer called from the big blind and the flop came A 5 2 rainbow. Michael bet 23k and Tim called. Turn was a 7 and Michael bet 35k. Tim called. River was a Ten and Michael asked how much Tim had left (about 100k). They both checked and Michael showed A4 for a pair of Aces. Tim showed A6 for the same pair and his kicker played, narrowly avoiding a split pot. Tim pulled the pot.

Jesse Yaginuma got all-in against Lawrence Sharp and both held AK suited, which usually results in a chop. Jesse held hearts and Lawrence held diamonds. The flop came Q T 4 with two hearts and Jesse took a slight lead. Turn was the 8 of hearts and Jesse completed the flush to double up. Lawrence was left with ~30k.

On the next hand, Lawrence put his last chips in holding A5 and gets action from Daniel Hindin, who held KQ. The board came Q 7 5 T T and Daniel took the pot. Lawrence Sharp is this event's bubble-boy finishing 37th for $0.

Lawrence Sharp - Bubble-Boy

Double on the Bubble

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

On a flop of Q T 8, Daniel Hindin checked over to Tim Ulmer (button) who bet 70k. Daniel moved all-in and Tim insta-called, showing the current nuts: J9 for the straight. Daniel held pocket Queens for top set. The turn brought an 8, which paired the board and changed everything. Daniel had a full house and Tim was drawing dead.

Daniel's all-in was 370,500 and he more than doubled that. Tim was left with with ~170k.

Still 37 players, still hand-for-hand.

Haber Hacked; Stevens Shipped

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Eric 'sheets' Haber got his chips in with pocket 9s, only to run into Rosyln Quarto's pocket Tens. The Tens held up and Sheets was sent packing.

Eric 'sheets' Haber

David Stevens got his chips in with pocket Tens, only to run into Feming Chan's pocket Jacks. The Jacks held up and David reported to the rail.

37 players remain, which means it is bubble-time. They are now playing hand-for-hand until one more player busts.

No Thrill for Will

Will Heger (Union City, NJ) puts his last 120k all in with QJ vs KK of Samuel Bernstein. The board runs clean and Heger's out in 39th place.

The short stacks on table 1 have been taking nibbles out of chip leader Gregory Merson's stack. Mike Castaldo (37k) and Nicholas Guagenti (88k) both double through Merson.

Castaldo then double again through Feming Chan when his AK vs. Chan's QQ spikes an ace on the river. Castaldo takes 86k on the hand and is breathing a sigh of relief, "lucky, " he says. "Very, very, lucky."

Chan is now crippled.

Adler Busts; Junglen Doubles

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Adam Adler got his last chips in holding pocket Tens, only to run into Casey Peter's pocket Jacks. The board ran dry and Casey took the pot, sending Adam to the rail.

After Michael Omelchuk raised, Stephen Reynolds called, then Adam Junglen (bb) moved in for 127k on top. Michael opted out, then Stephen made the call. Adam held AJ offsuit and was ahead of Stephen's KQ off. The the flop came K T 2 giving Stephen a pair of Kings. Turn was a 5 and no help, but the Queen on the river gave Adam Broadway and the double-up.

40 players remain.

Big Stack Update

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Play resumed after the break with level 19, blinds 3k/6k with 500 antes.

Here's an update on the big stacks:
Greg Merson - 940k
Michael Omelchuk - 854k
Jason Min - 720k
Tim Ulmer - 590k
Igor Borukhov - 490k
Michael Meredith - 439k
Stephen Reynolds - 430k

Bye Bye Black Chips

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Dipak with an Eye on Things

Nobody's happier than blogger extraordinaire Kaelaine for the color up break. The black chips (100) are off the table, making it a lot easier to eye ball chip counts.

Play resumes with Level 19 (3k/6k/500 ante) and the the average stack is 280k.

Hindin Doubles; Kuchik Busts

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

On a flop of Q 7 5, Daniel Hindin got all-in (175,700) against Lawrence Sharp, who held Q9 suited in the cutoff. Daniel was ahead with pocket Kings. The last two came 6 4 and Daniel doubled up to almost 400k.

Michael Omelchuk opened for 15k, then Alex Kuchik moved all-in. Michael called, showing AQ. Alex was ahead with pocket Kings. The flop came K J 3, extending Alex's lead to a set. Turn was a 4 and changed nothing, but the river brought a Ten, giving Michael the Broadway straight and the pot. He's now over 900k and most likely the chip leader.

Despite losing with a set of Kings twice today, Alex Kuchik was a good sport and shook hands before leaving. He also asked me to thank his nephew Aaronchik for the good luck wishes.

41 players remain and they have fled the room for a ten minute break while the staff colors up the black 100 chips.

Event 24: Payouts!

$350 + $50 NL

Entries: 213
Total Buy In: $74,550
Remaining Players: 110


1 $21,694
2 $12,293
3 $6,761
4 $5,062
5 $4,339
6 $3,616
7 $2,893
8 $2,170
9 $1,447
10-12 $940
13-15 $796
16-18 $651
19-27 $542

Busts Everywhere

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Busts Everywhere -- and I'm not talking about the cocktail waitresses.

On a flop of 7 7 3 with two hearts, Igor Borukhov (bb) check-raised Steven Levy to the tune of 92,500. Steven folded and Igor showed 53 of clubs. "That's how we do it in Queens" Igor said as he was collecting his chips.

After Jesse Yaginuma opened for 12,300, Tim Ulmer kicked it up to 35k from the cutoff. Eric 'sheets' Haber (bb) raised to 1125k straight. Tim folded out of the way and Tim announced he was all-in (262,800). Eric groaned as he made the call, showing pocket 9s. Tim held pocket Kings. The board fell A 5 4 8 7 (apparently Jesse folded an Ace) and Tim collected the double-up to over 540k. Sheets was left short with about 150k.

On the turn with a board of K Q 3 4, Leonid Lerner bet 185k (all of his blue chips) leaving himself less than 14k behind (all his other chips). Greg Merson tanked for a bit, then made the call. Leonid held K6 for top pair, but Greg had him out-kicked with KJ. The river was a brick and Leonid was busted.

Nicholas Skyllas has also busted out.

Konstantino Dimitroulakos got all-in pre-flop holding pocket Tens and was racing against the AK of Michael Meredith. The board came 9 8 7 2 K and Michael rivered the better pair to take the pot. Konstantino got the boot.

Konstantino Dimitroulakos

42 players remain. Average stack is ~273k.

Bubbling Over

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Stevens Hanging On

Now that we're 9 spots from the money, here are some varying perspectives on how to approach the bubble. The min cash is $6,130, while first place is $355,535. The average stack is 245k.

Dave Stevens (Wilton, CT), Current Count: 100k - "I've been short all tournament and came in 75th out of 79. I have to wait for hands and play to double up. I can't play marginal hand, I have to wait for a good spot."

Casey Peters (Brick, NJ), Current Count: 140k - "I'd like to make the money, especially after putting in this much time. But I don't have enough to just sit here. I have to do something."

Maurice Paradis (Jewett City, CT) Current Count: 170k "I'm here for a big cash. I'll ship it on the bubble I have to. If it's the right play, it's going in."

Ryan D'Angelo (Vestasl, NY) Current Count: 660k "You have to figure out who cares about the money and who doesn't. Abuse those who are trying to cash and play normally against those who don't care. I'll pick my spots, but I'll be careful if people play back at me."

Level 18 (2500/5000/400 ante) is underway.

Jiacopella Jilted

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Dan Jiacopella got his chips in with pocket Tens, only to run into Greg Merson's pocket Aces. The board came K 4 3 A 8 and Dan was busted. Greg is up to ~678k and vying for the chip lead.

Greg Merson

Table 6 has broken and the players scattered to empty seats at other tables. 45 players remain. Only 36 will get paid.

End of level 17 and players are taking 10.

More Drama

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Dennis Frederick got his last chips in good with pocket Kings, getting action from Bobby Deppe, who held AK. The flop was clean for Dennis: 6 3 2, but the killer Ace fell on the turn, giving Deppe the bigger pair. River was a 3 and Dennis was busted.

48 players remain.

WSOP bracelet holder Jason Young just appeared at the rail, yelling at Stephen Reynolds for yelling at the floor. "This ain't the internet, kid" Jason said repeatedly. Remarkably, Stephen kept his mouth shut and the floor advised Jason to move along.

Jason came back later and offered to teach Stephen what poker is all about. "He can't hide behind his computer in a live tournament".

Nixon Nixed

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

John Nixon shoved the previous hand (sb) and picked up the big blind. When he shoved on the button, he ran into Allen Chang's pocket Aces in the small blind. John's KQ off would need major help to survive, but he got none as the board blanked out. Allen took the pot and John took the walk.

Start of Day 2 chip leader Narinder Khasria has also gotten the ax.

50 players remain.

Blinds Up

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Play resumed with level 17, blinds 2k/4k with 400 antes.

Igor Borukhov is still the chip leader with over 700k. Ryan D'Angelo is up to 625k thanks to an AJ-suited flush draw that came through to crack pocket Kings.

52 players remain. Average stack is ~220k.

Igor Borukhov

Three-Way Crazy Action

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Stephen Renynolds, who was penalized for the last 45 minutes of the tournament yesterday for cursing and yelling at a floorperson, started today with 192,100 remaining. He still had 187,800 when this hand took place.

Stephen was all-in in a three-way pot against shorter-stacked Nicholas Kamen and larger-stacked Alex Kuchik. Stephen opened from the middle, Alex flatted the raise, then Nicholas shoved from the cutoff. Stephen went all-in and Alex called.

Alex held pocket Kings for the lead. Nicholas was second with pocket Tens. Stephen was dead-last with A9 suited. The flop came J T 8 giving Nicholas the lead with a set of Tens. Then the turn brought a King, giving Alex back the lead with a set of Kings. It looked like he would be dispatching two players at once, but the river delivered a Queen, which gave Stephen the Broadway straight and a big pot. Nicholas was busted and Alex was left shaking his head with ~106k.

Alex Kuchik

End of level 16 and players are taking ten.

Paradis Doubles; More Goners

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Maurice Paradis got all-in with pocket Jacks against Steven Levy's AQ. The flop was a good one for Levy as it came A Q 5 giving him two pair and leaving Paradis drawing to two remaining Jacks. Make that one, as a table-mate admits to folding a Jack. The last two came 6 J and Paradis caught his one out on the river to double up.

Steven Levy paid it forward by busting Aurthur Peters on the next hand.

Other goners:
Maurice Hawkins
George Chen
James Casement
Donald Matusow
Ming Zheng
James St. Hilaire
James Johnston
Randall Pfeifer
Onofrio Reina
Taha Maruf

Joanne Monteavaro has also busted out, which leaves Roslyn Quarto as the last woman sitting.

New Chip Leader

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Igor Borukhov (button) and Adam Junglen (small blind) just tangled in a huge pot and Igor came out on top. Igor held 54 and Adam held pocket Aces. On a flop of A 3 2, fireworks ensued. The board failed to pair and Igor's flopped wheel held up to crack Adam's set of Aces. Igor doubled up to over 600k, good for the chip lead. Adam was left with just under 100k.

It is bizarre that these two landed next to each other at the same table today. They shared a table on day two yesterday and tangled up in a bizarre encounter involving Adam's prosthetic leg. You can read about it here.

Igor Borukhov & Adam Junglen

Action, Action, Everywhere!

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Jason Paster doubled through Michael Somma when his AQ outran Michael's 65 suited on a board of 5 2 2 Q 3.

Mike Dentale has been short-stacked since the middle of day two, but he managed to hang on, until now. Tim Ulmer made it 7k to play from the button and Mike shoved from the big blind. Tim called, showing QJ. Mike's QT was badly dominated and he was unable to catch help on the board. He reported to the rail.

Eric 'sheets' Haber made it 8k from the button and Keith Crowder (bb) stared at him for a few seconds, then said "What's your name?". "Eric" replied Eric "So much drama over one big blind?". Keith decided to let it go.

On a flop of A T 4, Daniel Jiacopello and Joseph Cutler got all their chips in the middle. Joseph held A4 for two pair, but Daniel held AT for top two pair. The last two came Q K and when the chips were counted down, Daniel had Joseph covered. Another one bites the dust.

Daniel Jiacopello

Michael Somma got somma his chips back from Jason Paster. His pocket 9s held up against Jason's AK when the board came J 5 3 J J and Michael doubled up.

Level Up

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Play resumed with level 16, blinds 1,500/3,000 with 300 antes.

Ryan D'Angelo is still leading the pack with about 500k.

Ryan 'g0lfa' D'Angelo

For those of you who didn't know, the 'k' following a number stands for 'thousand'. Someone asked me this yesterday. After spending 21 years in the computer industry, I thought everyone spoke geek. I guess not. As far as I know, that's where the use of 'k' as a substitute for thousands came from, as in "10k bps" means 10,000 bits per second (a bit transfer rate, which by today's standards is pathetically slow; now we use "10mbps" or 10 mega-bits per second, which is 10 million bits per second). Now back to poker!

More Depratures

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Andrew Knee got his last chips in good holding pocket Jacks, getting action from Leonid Lerner, who held pocket 9s. Bad news for Andrew when a 9 hit the flop and he was busted.

Ian Palomo ran his pocket King into pocket Aces and was busted.

Marco Frigeri got his last chips in holding A6 suited, only to run into Keith Crowder's pocket Kings. An Ace on the flop was good news for Marco and it appeared he was headed for a double, but Keith spiked a King on the river for a set to take the pot. Marco was busted.

Another table broken. 63 players remain at seven tables.

End of level 15 and players are taking ten.

50/50 Time

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

72 Players remain in the main event, which means it is 50/50 time. Half of the remaining players will get paid (the final 36) and the other 50% will leave with nothing.

Eng and Other Early Departures

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Several players have busted out already today. After a raise from Alex Queen on the button, Gordon Eng shoved from the big blind. Alex called, tabling AK. Gordon was caught holding A3. The board ran dry and AK took the pot. Gordon hit the rail.

Gordon Eng

Other players catching early departures: William Stradley, Al Grimes, and Michael Affa.

On the turn with a board of A x 4 x, Sam Bernstein got all-in and called by Michael Costaldo. Michael's AQ was beat by Sam's A4 (two pair). River was a King and Sam doubled through.

Cards Fly on Day 3

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Cards are in the air for day 3 of the Championship event! Play began with Level 15, blinds of 1,200/2,400 with 300 antes.

EVENT 23: $400+$50 NLH

Borgata Spring Poker Open 2010
Event 23: $400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em
April 27

Entries: 171 Total Buy-In: $68,400


Event 23: Champion - McGlynn

$400 + $50 NL

1st - Dennis McGlynn (Beltsville, MD)
$20, 435

2nd - Barry Davidowitz (Brooklyn, NY)

3rd - Mitch Brown (Bayonne, NJ)