Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Action, Action, Everywhere!

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Jason Paster doubled through Michael Somma when his AQ outran Michael's 65 suited on a board of 5 2 2 Q 3.

Mike Dentale has been short-stacked since the middle of day two, but he managed to hang on, until now. Tim Ulmer made it 7k to play from the button and Mike shoved from the big blind. Tim called, showing QJ. Mike's QT was badly dominated and he was unable to catch help on the board. He reported to the rail.

Eric 'sheets' Haber made it 8k from the button and Keith Crowder (bb) stared at him for a few seconds, then said "What's your name?". "Eric" replied Eric "So much drama over one big blind?". Keith decided to let it go.

On a flop of A T 4, Daniel Jiacopello and Joseph Cutler got all their chips in the middle. Joseph held A4 for two pair, but Daniel held AT for top two pair. The last two came Q K and when the chips were counted down, Daniel had Joseph covered. Another one bites the dust.

Daniel Jiacopello

Michael Somma got somma his chips back from Jason Paster. His pocket 9s held up against Jason's AK when the board came J 5 3 J J and Michael doubled up.

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