Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paradis Doubles; More Goners

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Maurice Paradis got all-in with pocket Jacks against Steven Levy's AQ. The flop was a good one for Levy as it came A Q 5 giving him two pair and leaving Paradis drawing to two remaining Jacks. Make that one, as a table-mate admits to folding a Jack. The last two came 6 J and Paradis caught his one out on the river to double up.

Steven Levy paid it forward by busting Aurthur Peters on the next hand.

Other goners:
Maurice Hawkins
George Chen
James Casement
Donald Matusow
Ming Zheng
James St. Hilaire
James Johnston
Randall Pfeifer
Onofrio Reina
Taha Maruf

Joanne Monteavaro has also busted out, which leaves Roslyn Quarto as the last woman sitting.

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