Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Chip Leader

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Igor Borukhov (button) and Adam Junglen (small blind) just tangled in a huge pot and Igor came out on top. Igor held 54 and Adam held pocket Aces. On a flop of A 3 2, fireworks ensued. The board failed to pair and Igor's flopped wheel held up to crack Adam's set of Aces. Igor doubled up to over 600k, good for the chip lead. Adam was left with just under 100k.

It is bizarre that these two landed next to each other at the same table today. They shared a table on day two yesterday and tangled up in a bizarre encounter involving Adam's prosthetic leg. You can read about it here.

Igor Borukhov & Adam Junglen

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