Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event 6: 4th Place - Mitchell

Omaha H/L 8B
$350 + $50

Here are some chip estimates as of the break:

Marc Matz - 400k
Adel Shakerian - 270k
Gloria Lorusso - 250k
Arthur Mitchell - 90k

Play resumed with blinds of 10k/20k and limits of 20k/40k.

Arthur Mitchell

Arthur folded on the river with a board of T 9 7 4 Q (no low, no suit) when Adel bet, leaving himself with only ~40k.

He was then all-in with action from Gloria and Marc, who checked to the river. Gloria bet the river and Marc called. They chopped the side pot. Arthur chopped the main pot with Marc.

Arthur folded his big blind to Marc's raise, then put his last chips in from the small blind on the next hand. He and Marc split the pot.

Arthur got all-in from the button against Adel, who held K932 (ds). Arthur held J732 (ss). The board came Q T 4 J 5 (no suit) and Adel took the pot with a straight.

Arthur Mitchell finished fourth, earning $3,065.

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