Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Event 4: Glantz Punishes Gavin

Gavin vs. Glantz

I asked Gavin if he liked his table draw. "I don't care much about table draws. You gotta beat all these buggers sooner or later. Although I'd rather go up against Harder when he has 100,000 rather than a million."

Matt Glantz and Gavin are already sparring. Who's better at poker, Who's better at backgammon... Matt - "This will be Gavin's first US win in years if he holds on."

One hand after saying this Matt punishes Gavin and doubles up through him when A-K holds up against A-J.

Matt in the small blind risked 8,200, half his stack, Gavin ships it from position and Matt calls.
Matt - "What could the former chipleader have been thinking? Shipping it with only A-J?"

There's a lot of friendly ribbing and banter at Table 2 and I have a feeling they'll be calling me over more than once today.

We started with 39 today and short stack Robert Hwang is already out.

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