Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Event 4: Not Too "Hard" For Gavin Who's At 245K

Event 4: $7500 East Coast Championship (NL)

Gavin Smith has the table laughing as he thinks he sucked out on Christian Harder for 110,000. "I had A-3 of spades so naturally I call him." Gavin flops an ace and turns a three. "I'm thinking he had a bigger ace but he folded and it was never shown. No expression from this guy."

Yesterday some dude got mad at Gavin for beating him up with 8-3 of spades. Gavin wanted to pass on a message saying "it wasn't personal". Me thinks he likes his spades.

While we're doing shout outs, Jim Boyd wanted me to tell Gavin that he did not bring up any rock soup or possum jerky from West Virginia for them to feast on. Apparently Gavin pining back to the days he used to spend with his hillbilly poker pals from yesteryear.

Gavin continues to build his large stack now at 245,000.

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