Friday, April 16, 2010

Event 7: Neverending Story

$400 + 50 (NL)

It's been nearly two hours since the last elimination as the final seven players keep grinding away. The short stacks keep doubling up and nobody can finish off an all-in opponent.

Seat-Name-Chip Count

2. Jim Arvesen (Lebanon, NJ) 390k
3. Jay Mensh (Ocean City, MD) 280k
4. Roonie Griffeth (Columbus, GA) 70k
5. Marcin Sobczak (Las Vegas, NV) 295k
6. Jay Hoffman (Arlington, VA) 60k
7. John Iraj (Garden City, NY) 170k
10. Ryan Eriquezzo (New Haven, CT) 190k

Level 19 underway (6k/12k/2k ante).

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