Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beasley Busted; Woods Washed Out

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

On a flop of J 9 8, Mike Beasley got his last 10k in the middle against Adam Junglen. Mike held 98 suited for two pair. Adam held T9 suited for one pair with open-ender. The river brought a Ten, giving Adam a better two-pair and the pot. Mike got the boot. Yeah, Mike, Aces Suck. But so do bottom-two-pair.

Mike Beasley with his Aces Suck hat

After the utg player raised, James Woods called, then Andrew Rosen 3-bet. The raiser folded and Woods called. The flop came K 5 3. Woods checked, Rosen bet and again Woods called. Turn was another King. Woods checked, Rosen bet, Woods moved all-in and Rosen called. Woods held pocket Queens and was in bad shape against AK (trip Kings). Only a Queen on the river would save the actor. The 2-outer didn't appear, however, and Woods reported to the rail.

Over on table two at about the same time, this big hand took place: On a flop of Q 6 4, Michael Katz bet, Alex Kuchik raised, Bernard Collins called, and Katz folded (later claimed pocket Aces). Turn was a 2 and the remaining two players got all the chips in the middle. Collins held pocket 6s for bottom set and Kuchik had pocket Queens for top set. The river was an Ace (remember what Katz folded?) and Kuchik took the pot. Collins was busted.

Another bizarre hand, back on table 3: on a flop of 9 7 3 -- all diamonds -- three players got all their chips in the middle. Greg Rudolph held pocket Kings. Stephen Reynolds held pocket Aces, (no diamond) and Woelfel Wade also held pocket Kings (with the King of diamonds). The last two came offsuit 2, then the 3 of diamonds, giving Wade the pot with the flush. Sahr was busted in the process.

That was the last hand of level 9 and players took a break. Play resumed with level 10, blinds 400/800 with 75 antes.

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