Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guys Gone Wild in the Poker Room

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Back on table 7, there was a minor incident with a player folding out of turn. Adam Junglen and Igor Borukhov exchanged words, then Igor called on Adam to "step outside". Adam then removed his prosthetic leg and put it on the table. Understandably, this brought all conversation to a halt. Leave it to Steve Dannenmann to break the tension. "Isn't there a rule about taking off your leg at the table?" (We'll have to check the TDA handbook for that one.) Things have settled down back there and they're back to the business of playing poker.

To read Adam's own words about how he ended up with the prosthetic leg, check out his blog. In it he says "After sitting for 9-12hrs in big live events for example, I’m in extreme pain. On breaks, I quickly walk to my room just so I can take off my leg and relax for a few minutes. I’m far too insecure to take my leg off at the table. it’s just something I gotta deal with." That was written in 2007. I guess he's figured out how to deal with it.

Adam Junglen and Steve Dannenmann

Bobby Deppe just busted Robert Kalteux. Bobby flopped bottom set versus Robert's top two pair. Set good -- Bobby takes the chips.

On the river with a board of A 8 6 3 5 Adam Gerber (sb) fired a bet and Keith Crowder gave it some thought, then called. "Ace" said Adam. "Ace what?" asked Keith. Adam rolled over AQ and Keith mucked his hand.

Joseph Capalbi's table broke and he landed at table 11 with chip leader Kevin Saul. "Tough break" I said. "Bring it" Joseph replied. He's not intimidated sitting across the felt from a WPT title holder with more than $2 million in reported live tournament earnings. Of course he didn't know who Matt Glantz was when he busted Matt on day 1b, either. Sometimes ignorance IS bliss.

"I doubled up - there's no stopping me now" said Eric 'Clown Fish' Doerr. "Now I'll last until day 3 before I bust out".

Anthony Campagna's pocket Aces were good for a double-up through Stephen Reynolds, who held AQ.

Before I got finished typing this post, Joseph Capalbi came by to tell me he has busted out. Three tough hands in a row: pair with flush draw that didn't come, pocket Kings when an Ace flopped, then pocket Jacks run into pocket Aces. He's on the rail.

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