Thursday, April 29, 2010

Castaldo - 11th

Jesse Yaginuma moved in for 177k on the button, then Michael Castaldo called all-in for 79k from the small blind. After a little thought, big stack Michael Somma called from the big blind. Jesse was ahead with AQ off. Castaldo held AJ offsuit and Somma held T9 off.

The board came K 7 3 5 K and Jesse's AQ-high was good. He more than doubled up. Michael Castaldo (Palidades, NY) was busted in 11th place, earning $15,938.

Michael Castaldo - 11th place

The final ten players drew seats and moved to a single table. Here's the new lineup:

Seat Player
1 Matthew Waxman
2 Alex Queen
3 Roger Van Driessen
4 Allen Chang
5 Michael Somma
6 Jesse Yaginuma
7 Mickael Morgousky
8 Adam Junglen
9 Daniel Hindin
10 Jason Min

Play continued, still playing 6k/12k with 1k antes.

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