Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Event 15: Two More Down

$500 + $60 NL Deep Stack

Joohee Woo, William Looper and Chris Bonita go three to a flop with Woo all in. Looper and Bonita check it down and Bonita has the winner with a set of 9s on the river. Woo is out in 15th place.

At the same time on table 1, Brett Baumeister shoves 313k from the cutoff and for the second time in four hands MJ Bernstein goes in the tank on Baumeister shove.

After folding the previous time, Bernstein eventually calls and shows 10 10 vs A Q♠. The board runs clean for Bernstein who eliminates Baumeister in 14th place.

Woo and Baumeister both earn $2,308 as 13 players remain.