Monday, April 26, 2010

Looney Bin

Championship Event
$3300 + $200 NL

Loonstyn's Time

Talk about getting hit by the deck. During the first 90 minutes of Day 1B, William Loonstyn (Philadelphia, PA) has won with quads, a full house and a flush over a straight to take his stack to more than 100k.

With the J 8♠ Loonstyn flops a flush draw on a board of A K Q. The turn brings the 3♠ and that's when the action heats up.

Loonstyn checks, Todd Terry bets 9k.

"I have no choice," says Loonstyn, "I'm all in." Terry tanks and calls, showing he flopped a straight with J
10 and like that, one of the more respected players in the room, is drawing dead and out the door.

One player says about Loonstyn, "on break he's going to the beach to see if he can walk on water."

To put things in perspective, Looystyn's 105k puts him in the top 5 stacks from Day 1A, the leader has nearly 124k.

Level 2 (50/100) continues.

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