Monday, April 19, 2010

Event 14: 10th - Wampler; 9th - Bajek

$260 + $40 Seniors NL

Two more players busted out in rapid succession.

Steven Wampler finished in 10th place, earning $796.

Steven Wampler - 10th place

Joseph Bajek finished in 9th place, earning $1,226.

Joseph Bajek - 9th place

They came to the end of a level and took off for 15 minutes. Here are some rough chip counts:

Player - Chips
James Boyd - 805k
Donald Brown - 606k
Kenneth Roberts - 460k
Ratilal Patel - 154k
Werner Muller - 150k
Adam Varrenti, Jr - 90k
Mitch Jones - 85k
Joseph Machate - 74k

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