Monday, April 19, 2010

Event 14: 14th place - Disalvo

$260 + $40 Seniors NL

Play resumed after the break with level 18, blinds 5k/10k and 1k antes.

Ratilal Patel opened for 21k, Peter Lametta moved all in from the small blind, then Ken Diehl put his last 22k in from the big blind. Ratilal opted out and Peter showed pocket Tens. He was ahead of Ken's A suited, but the board brought A J 9 8 2 giving Ken two pair and the triple-up.

Mitch Jones opened for 35k from the hijack, Werner Muller moved all-in from the cutoff and Craig Disalvo then moved all-in from the small blind. Mitch thought about it, then open-mucked his pocket Tens. Werner held AJ offsuit and Craig was out in front with pocket Queens.

The flop came A Q 8 giving Craig a set of Queens and extending his lead. Turn was a Ten, which would have given Mitch a useless set of Tens, then the river delivered a King, giving Werner the Broadway straight and busting Craig.

Leonard Craig Disalvo - 14th place

Craig headed for the door, without picking up his payout (14th) slip. Then he came back, picked up his bag and his Redbull, and headed back out the door, again ignoring the floorperson and not picking up his payout slip. Nevertheless, he finished 14th and the Borgata will be holding his $674 should he ever return.

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