Monday, April 19, 2010

Event 15: Quads Giveth....

$500 + $60 NL Deep Stack

Yaser's Yo-Yo Day

...and quads taketh away. Yaser Al-Keliddar (Baltimore, MD) has K K and gets an "e-hell" of a flop when it comes down K♠ K♣ 3.

Al-Keliddar slow plays it too perfection, checking the river and getting his opponent to shove 17k. "I beat him into the pot," he says, as he takes his stack to 50k.

A few levels later Al-Keliddar is the victim of quads on a board of A 9 9 3 9. Lisa VanLandingham (Nashville, TN) bets 6k on the river and Al-Keliddar sees that pair of aces is no good to VanLandingham's J 9.

"I've played horribly," Al-Keliddar says, looking down at 18k. "But I'm determined to double-up."

VanLandingham has a good track record at Borgata, especially in Omaha, (Winter Open, 4th PLO) and is now at 35k. Omaha

Level 8 (400/800/75 ante) continues.

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