Monday, April 19, 2010

Event 14: 7th place - Patel

$260 + $40 Seniors NL

On a flop of 8 7 2, Ratilal Patel moved all in from the small blind and Adam Varrenti called all-in, showing 87 suited for two pair. Ratilal held AT off for Ace-high with two overs. The last two came 5 A but it was not enough. Adam doubled up and Ratilal was left with only 24k.

A few hands later Ratilal put his last 22k in from the cutoff and both blinds called. They checked the board of 9 8 4 3 6 until the river when Mitch Jones moved in and James Boyd folded. Ratilal held A6 suited for a pair of 6s, but Mitch held 98 for two pair to take the pot.

Ratilal Patel (New Hyde Park, NY) finished in 7th place, earning $2,451.

Ratilal Patel - 7th place

That was the last hand of the level. Blinds are now 10k/20k with 400 antes.

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