Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Event 16: Champion - Rebello

$350 + $50 NL

After only six hands of heads up play, Todd Rebello (Oak Bluffs, MA) defeats Elliott Zaydman (Glen Rock, NJ) to take home the top prize of $21,287. On the final hand Zayman holds A 10 to Rebello's A Q. Zaydman trails the entire way, with Rebello putting an exclamation point on the tournament with a flush on the river.

"Any time you can win a tournament it's great," says Rebello, who final tabled the re-entry tournament during the Winter Open. "When you see a room full of tables slowly shrinking throughout the day and come out on top, it's a thrill."

"That's the way it went all night," says Zaydman, "I couldn't beat him. He always had something just a little bit better.

Zaydman takes home $12,062 for second place.

Todd Rebell0 - $21,287

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