Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Event 17: Two More Down

$170 + $30 (NL, Re-Entry)

Ellis on an Island
(Sheff (left) talks to Ellis while stacking his chips)

Players continue to drop like flies and while walking by table 36, Jamie Kerstetter (Monroe Township, NJ), says "big pot building here."

The Gorilla says good luck to Jim Ellis (Philadelphia, PA) who replies with a big laugh, "how do you know it's me?" Gorilla responds, "because all your chips are in the middle."

Ellis gets two callers for his 5,600 bet and after the flop comes down king high, the action is check, followed by a shove for 15k. "I hope you have him beat," says the the player who checked."

After mulling it over he says, "call." The hands are on the table and Ellis shows A 4 and needs runner, runner vs A K from Harvey Sheff (Forest Hills, NY) who shoved post flop and the 8 8 of the third player. The board bricks out and Sheff takes his stack to 48k.

"I only played four hands today," says Ellis, "the other three were all pocket aces."

Level 9 is underway (500/1000/100 ante).

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