Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Event 17: Big Pot, Big Mistake

$170 + $30 (NL, Re-Entry)

Levy (right) Likes the Action

If you play poker long enough, you'll eventually make the mistake of calling a bet that you didn't realize is a raise. Unfortunately for Harvey Sheff (Forest Hills, NY), the mistake costs him a lot of chips.

A player in early position goes all in for 24,400 and the action is on Sheff, who says "call," and throws in the big blind bet of 2k. After realizing there's a raise, Sheff throws his cards in the muck and is hoping to only have to give up the 2k.

After a lot of commotion and two floor managers are called to the table, Andrew correctly rules, "he has to pay (the remaining 22,400). He said 'call,' there's nothing I can do. His cards are in the muck, his hand's dead."

The hand takes several minutes to complete as Sheff counts out the balance two, 500 chips at a time.

When the action hits Justin Levy (Queens, NY) he calls, putting the pot at more than 75k, but instead of three way action, it's a heads up showdown. The all in player tables K Q while Levy has 7 7♦.

"What god do I pray to," asks Levy. "The poker gods," shouts a bystander.

Levy's prayers are answered when the flop comes down 9 7 9, giving Levy a full house and the win after avoiding runner, runner.

Levy is now close to 200k and sitting on a healthy stack at the dinner break, Sheff takes a hit, but is still in the tournament.

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