Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Event 17: Tough to Play with One Card

$170 + $30 (NL, Re-Entry)

Not "Josh"ing Around

When a Borgata Open rolls around you can count on seeing Josh Brikis representing the "Burgh." The suburban Pittsburgh native (Monroeville, PA) is usually sporting a Pirates or Penguins hat and plays as many events as possible. While he's a good player with many Borgata cashes, he's not good enough to play at a disadvantage.

Action folds around to Brikis on the button, who raises and gets a call from the big blind. At that point Brikis stops everyone in their tracks and asks the dealer, "can I get a second card?" After an awkward pause the dealer realizes he simply needs to throw Brikis the top card on the deck.

"I saw the jack of clubs and figured that was good enough to raise," says Brikis, who ends up going to a showdown and losing with J 3♣. The dealer's response, "I thought he was good enough that only needed one (card)."

Brikis is right around the chip average of 42k. Players are on 50 minute dinner break.

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