Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event 17: 17 Players Redraw

$170 + $30 (NL, Re-Entry)

Seat 5 moved in for 154k, Alex Reynov called, then seat 8 moved in for 145k. Everyone else got out of the way and seat 5 showed AT off. Alex held AQ off and seat 8 held pocket 9s. The board came Q 4 3 2 2 and Alex took all the chips with Queens-up. Two more players hit the rail.

There was supposed to be a redraw at 18 players, but with the double-bustage, they got to 17 players instead. They paused the clock and redrew for the final two tables. Big Stacks Matt Mazzeo (seat 5) and Alex Reynov (seat 6) have landed next to each other at the same table. Stay tuned for fireworks.

Play continued with the same blinds.

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