Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event 17: Final Table Finally!

$170 + $30 (NL, Re-Entry)

Short-stack got all-in with A5. Got called by AJ. Board blanked and player was busted.

Final ten drew seats and moved to the final table:

Seat Player Hometown
1 Tuan Gbehan Toms River, NJ
2 Joe, NJ
3 Jacques Melki Avenei, Nj
4 Matt Mazzeo E. Williston, NY
5 Preston Fouke Hagerstown, MD
6 Alex Reynov South Hampton, PA
7 Eugene Kim Millburn, NJ
8 Eric Doerr Newark, DE
9 Michael DiGiacomo Haslet, NJ
10 Daniel Chan New York NY

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