Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event 18: Not Finished Yet

$400 + $50 NL

On the last hand before break, Ed Abendschein (Mountain Lakes, NJ) is halfway out the door before he hears the table shout, "come back, it's a chop."

Abendschein min raises to 200 from MP, cutoff makes it 600 and the BB 4 bets to 1,500. Adenschein smooth calls and MP shoves for 7,500. BB folds and Adenschen calls, only to see he's way behind with his AQ vs AK.

"I didn't think he had anything," says Adenschein. "I thought he was trying to steal the pot."

As the board runs out, Adenschein is running out the door until he does a sharp u-turn after the board double pairs for a chopped pot. "I thought I was heading home," he says grateful with second life.

Level 3 (75/150) underway.

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