Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event 19: 24 Players Remain

$350 + $50 HOSE

Playing Hold'em, limits of 1,500/3,000: the player in seat 6 open-mucked his pocket Kings when Charlie Brahmi bet the Ace-high flop. "Helluva fold" Charlie said as he flashed his AT.

The small blind was all-in against Gloria Lorusso. Gloria's pocket Kings were good and another player was done. Down to 25.

Another player was all-in with pocket Queens against Todd Rebello. There were four cards to a straight on the board and Todd held the 9 (A9) that filled the straight to take the pot. Another one gone. Todd is up to about 90k now and the chip leader.

They broke the fourth table and Charlie Brahmi was moved to table 2 with Gloria Lorusso, Robert 'Bo' Toft, and Todd Rebello.

Grandpa Jay

Playing Stud, Grandpa Jay held trip threes to scoop a pot. Later playing Stud/8, he made an 86-low to split a pot. He's up to about 50k now. Bringing home that bacon.

At the end of the level, these HOSE-heads took off for a 40-minute dinner break. Play will resume at about 7pm.

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