Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event 17: Chan Busts One; Doerr Does One

$170 + $30 (NL, Re-Entry)

Seat 7 got all-in holding A9 off against Daniel Chan's AK off. The board ran out Q 8 2 T 3 and Daniel's nut-no-pair was good for the pot. His opponent took 15th place and $1,332.

A few hands later, seat 1 was all-in holding KQ off against Eric Doerr's A8. The board came 9 7 6 2 T giving Eric a straight (not that he needed it; his Ace-high was ahead the whole way). 14th place hit the rail (also $1,332).

13 players remain.

Meanwhile, on the rail: The staff was counting out the last 8-hour shift's bad-beat jackpot collection. Jason Young and his peeps were on the rail betting on what the total would be. Imagine large bags of dollar chips dumped out on a poker table with three people racking the chips. Jason had the over on $3,000. When it became obvious that it was way over, he went double-or-nothing on under $5,700. I came out close to $5,600, so Jason won the double. Then they asked the staff what time they would be back for tomorrow's count.

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