Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 11: 22nd - 20th Places

$1,000 + $90 NL

Jeffrey Benshetler finished in 22nd place, good for $1,499.

After Bobby Deppe (Lima, OH) raised, Michael Dimolfetto (Staten Island, NY) moved all-in. Bobby called, showing AJ offsuit. Michael was ahead with pocket Jacks, but there was an Ace in the door when the dealer ran out the board. Michael finished in 21st place, earning $1,499.

Former chip leader Sam Eliacin (Garden City, NY) shoved his last 100k in and got looked up by Brett Rhode, who held pocket Kings. Sam's A9 was unable to match up with the board and he was sent packing in 20th place ($1,499).

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