Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 13: First Payouts

$215 + $35 Ladies NL

As soon as they got back to business after the redraw, Victoria Volynsky (Massapequat Park, NY) was busted in 18th place ($522).

On the other table, Margaret Minnick opened for 22k and Elizabeth Krakowski (Ellington, CT) in the big blind moved all-in for another 29,500. Margaret called, showing pocket 6s and was racing against AK off. The board came Q 4 3 5 7 -- all diamonds -- and Margaret was holding the King of diamonds to make the better flush. Unfortunately Margaret did NOT have the 6 of diamonds, which would have given her a straight-flush. Elizabeth doubled up.

Jaime Eckl

Jaime Eckl moved all in for 42k from the hijack and Farah Fath (New York) asked for the count, then called. Jennifer Keys (button) also called. The flop came A K T and both players checked the side pot. Turn was a 2 and Farah checked. Jennifer moved all in. Farah called all-in for 38,600, showing pocket Jacks. She was ahead of Jaime's pocket 8s, but trailing Jennifer's A8 suited (pair of Aces). Then the river card fell -- a 2-outer Jack! Farah made a set to take a huge pot, busting Jaime in 17th place ($522). Farah was up to about 140k. Jennifer was left with about 80k.

Farah Fath

Farah Fath is a soap opera actress. She has portrayed Gigi Morasco on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live since Fall 2007, and is most notable for playing Mimi Lockhart from 1999 to 2007 on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives.

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