Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 11: First Players Paid

$1,000 + $90 NL

In a battle of the blinds, Andrew Kloc (sb) and Michael Pizzarella (bb) saw a flop of 9 8 2. Andrew bet, Michael shoved, (~60k) and Andrew called, showing pocket Kings. Michael was trailing with 83 (I don't make this stuff up folks) for a pair of 8s, but the last two came 7 8 and Michael rivered trip 8s to take the pot and double up.

Phil Phan

A couple of hands later, Phil Phan (Collingdale, PA) limped, Andrew moved all-in for ~14k, then seat 2 moved all-in over the top. Phil thought about it for a bit, then called all-in for 49,700. Andrew had A6 suited; seat 2 had pocket Tens, and Phil had pocket 7s. The board came Q J 7 6 4 and Phil took the pot with a set of 7s. Andrew was busted.

Andrew Kloc finished 27th for $1,499.
Michael Perlin busted out at another table, finishing 26th for $1,499.

On the third table, the two chip leaders tangled. Sam Eliacin raised and Chris Lindh called. Flop came T 9 7 rainbow. Chris check-called Sam's bet. Turn was a Queen and again Chris check-called Sam's 45k bet. River was a 6 and the third spade on board. Chris checked, Sam bet 60k, and Chris called. Sam held AQ for top/top. Chris held T9 for two pair to take the pot. He's now cleared the 400k mark. Sam was left with about 125k.

Play continued into Level 15, Blinds 2k/4k with 400 antes.

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