Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 13: Lady Busts one of the Guys

$215 + $35 Ladies NL

Helene Strafford

A loud cheer went up from the room as one of the remaining guys stood up to leave. Apparently he open-shoved for 8,825 utg+1 and Helene Strafford (Holdbrook, NJ) looked him up with pocket Jacks. He was holding 87 of spades. The flop came 8 7 x with three hearts, giving the guy two pair but giving Helene a flush draw with the Jack of Hearts. Turn was a 9, which gave Helene more outs with a straight-draw. River was a Ten, completing the straight and shipping the pot to Helene.

The busted guy was applauded as he donned his jacket and headed out the door. There is still one more guy in action among all these ladies.

"Sometimes Aces hold up" said Debbie Troncone (Monroe TWP, NJ) across the room as she was collecting her chips.

They are down to Ten tables, so fewer than 100 players remain.

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