Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 13: Chip Leader to Chip-less

$215 + $35 Ladies NL

Ming Li, who was the chip leader on my earlier pass, is now gone. Two new faces have emerged with lots of chips.

Marcia Kuntz (Tacoma Park, MD) is above 80k now.

Jennifer Keys

On the next table over, Jennifer Keys (Norristown, PA) made a tough laydown. On a flop of T 9 8 -- all hearts -- she led out for 5,500. Her opponent in the small blind moved all-in for 19,500 more. Jennifer tanked for a bit, then open-mucked her 87 offsuit -- bottom pair with the 7 of hearts for the open-ended straight flush draw. Even after surrendering that pot, Jennifer had about 80k.

Five tables remain; 43 Ladies and one guy are still in action.

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