Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 13: Bubble Time

$215 + $35 Ladies NL

With 20 players remaining, Jaime Eckl (Locust Valley, NY) was the short-stack. She moved all-in from the big blind. The player on her left made the call, showing QT. She was dominated by Jaime's AQ. The board came A 6 2 3 2 and Jaime doubled up.

On the next hand, Jaime again moved all in, this time from the small blind. The big blind called all-in with her now short-stack, showing 98 off. Jaime had pocket Queens. The Ladies were good for the Lady and Jaime took the pot, sending her opponent home in 20th place.

With 19 players remaining, it is bubble-time and they are playing hand-for-hand. The ladies opted to take up a collection, $10 each, to give to the bubble-girl.

Level 15 ended and play continued into Level 16, blinds 4k/8k witih 500 antes.

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