Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 14: Senior Leaders

$260 + $40 Seniors NL

The Seniors were on a break so I took the opportunity to eyeball their chip stacks.

Adam Varrenti, Jr

Adam Varrenti, Jr (West Chester, PA) is the chip leader with 75k. Two seats to his left is Morris Husarsky (Brooklyn, NY) who is second in chips wit ~70k. Two seats to his left is Jay Johnson, who has about 65k. Funny how all the chips have ended up on the same table (table 2).

The returned from break to level 9, blinds 500/1,000 with 100 antes.

Over on table 7, WSOP bracelet holder Charlie Brahmi, got his last 12k all-in and got no takers. He showed pocket 8s as he collected his pot.

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