Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 13: Two More Ladies Out the Door

$215 + $35 Ladies NL

Play resumed with Level 17, 5k/10k blinds and 1k antes.

Bridgett Higgs

Bridgett Higgs (White Plains, MD) moved in for 37k. Farah Fath called from the big blind, showing QT of diamonds. Bridgett held Q5 of hearts. The board came Q T 7 Q 8 giving Farah Queens-full and the pot. Bridgett got 15th place and $92.

Janet Cilla

Janet Cilla (Long Valley, NJ) got her last chips in and called by seat 2. Janet's AK was racing against pocket 8s. The board came Q 6 2 5 8 and Janet was busted. She finished 14th for $592.

13 Ladies remain. Average stack is ~128k.

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