Sunday, April 18, 2010

Event 11: In the Money!

$1,000 + $90 NL

After action folded to the small blind, he moved his short-stack all-in (about 22k). Sam Eliacin was in the big blind and called, showing Q9 of clubs. The small blind held AJ -- of clubs. The board came club-free however. The flop was JT9 giving the short-stack a pair of Jacks and giving Sam a pair of 9s. Turn was a 3 and changed nothing, but the river was a Queen, giving Sam two pair and the pot. The short-stack became this event's bubble-boy, finishing 28th.

They broke a table so now have three tables of nine players.

Then decided to take a break with 18:45 remaining in the level. The final 27 will come back in ten minutes and continue play until 2am.

Chris Lindh

Chris Lindh (Brooklyn, NY) has taken the chip lead. He's got about 300k. Sam Eliacin is second with about 289k

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